Get 28% off the smartphone-controlled SmartPlane

There are way too many “world’s first” products floating around at the moment. But the SmartPlane, claimed to be the world’s first smartphone-controlled RC plane, actually seems like a good one. On paper it looks like it might be a little tricky to pilot, but the maker of the SmartPlane, TobyRich, has made this thing flyably fun.

For starters, the SmartPlane can pretty much fly itself, so it’s unlikely to crash and burn if you have a momentary drop in your Bluetooth connection (iOS and Android). It also drifts along at a fairly leisurely pace, and weighs just 0.4 ounces, so it probably won’t cause much damage if it does hit anything. And then there’s the clever bit – as you wildly tilt your phone to turn, dive and soar, the SmartPlane only uses sensible amounts of rudder in order to keep things under control. Speed is controlled by an on-screen accelerator, and you can keep flying for 8-15 minutes per 13-minute charge, depending on conditions.

Right now, the SmartPlane has 28% off its standard price via the link below. Unfortunately, it is only available to readers inside the US.

>> Get 28% off the smartphone-controlled SmartPlane (currently $49.99)

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