Interactive pajamas come with built-in bedtime stories


May 1, 2013

Smart PJs are children's pajamas patterned with dot codes that reveal bedtime stories when scanned with a smartphone

Smart PJs are children's pajamas patterned with dot codes that reveal bedtime stories when scanned with a smartphone

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A lot of kids don’t like having to put on their pajamas, as doing so means that it’s time to go to bed. If those jammies had bedtime stories digitally hidden within them, though – well, maybe then the kiddies couldn’t wait to get them on. That’s the idea behind Smart PJs.

The pajamas are covered with a pattern of multi-colored dot codes – each one of those codes is different from the others. When one of them is scanned using a smartphone running the accompanying app, a bedtime story that’s unique to that code appears on the phone.

We’ve inquired as to whether the app can be “reloaded” with fresh stories once all the codes have been scanned, but are still waiting to hear back from the makers.

Smart PJs are available in four sizes, in boys’ and girls’ versions, for US$25. A demo of the pajamas can be seen in the video below.

Source: Smart PJs via Popular Science

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I wanted to like this idea, but on reading the article I find it's really pretty silly.

How is scanning patterns on your PJs any different or better than using a smartphone to go to a playlist of bedtime stories? The pajamas don't bring anything to the party - except by limiting you to some corporation's idea of what your child should hear as a bedtime story.

I have an idea: you and your child pick out a book and then then read it aloud until one of you goes to sleep. Can you say "Parenting"?

Loving It All

Oh, this is awesome! You bet, children would never say no to going to bed this time. Such a great idea, whoever the creator of this. I just wonder how the dots could possibly connect to it barcoded?

Sasha Last
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