Smart Energy Glass controls light on demand


April 18, 2010

Smart Energy Glass has three modes - dark, privacy, and light

Smart Energy Glass has three modes - dark, privacy, and light

While the idea of using photovoltaic technology in windows to harvest sunlight for conversion to energy is not new, Smart Energy Glass (SEG) is taking a slightly different approach with a solar window that can be darkened or lightened for comfort and convenience.

The window’s opacity can be adjusted for three modes; dark, privacy, and light. Dark will harvest some light, while privacy will harvest the most. The energy is used to power the window itself and eventually lights and ventilation could be run from the energy harvested. Additionally clients can choose the color of glass and add logos if required.

SEG has obvious advantages for office cladding as in summer heat and light streaming through the window can make working conditions uncomfortable, while in winter much warmth is lost via the glass. But it could also have advantages on a smaller or domestic scale, for presentations, or in homes with sun-facing windows.

No details are yet available on the exact mechanics of the Smart Energy Glass. Peer+ says the patent pending technology is still under development and we can expect updates as pilot programs get underway this year in the Netherlands.

Peer+ via Red Ferret.

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This would be good as a security device fo cars and lorries

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