Smart ebike cruises through final testing phase


April 18, 2012

The smart ebike has been put through the final tests before its mid-year release

The smart ebike has been put through the final tests before its mid-year release

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Smart has provided some more information on the company’s first foray into transportation of the two-wheeled, pedal-assist variety. With help from the likes of parent company Daimler, the bike’s battery supplier, and GRACE, the Berlin-based e-Bike manufacturer that helped in its design, the smart ebike was put through its paces in February in Majorca to test the bike ahead of its impending release.

While the team expects its pedelec (pedal electric cycle) will mainly be used in relatively flat city environments, the final testing before the bike’s release was carried out in the hills of Majorca in order to calibrate the bike to suit a variety of conditions. The ebike has four assistance levels and four regenerative braking levels.

The bike’s 250 watt brushless wheel hub motor is integrated into the rear wheel and is powered by a BionX lithium-ion battery that smart claims will supplement your pedal power for up to 100 km (62 miles), depending on the lay of the land. The smart ebike is due out by mid-year for around US$3,800.

Vision of the final testing phase carried out in Majorca can be seen in the video below.

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The price seems a bit high but I think it is still way cool. I think it would really cool on the back of my Smart Fortwo Pure or on the back of the concept Smart ForUs. :)


Given the price of many hybrid or mountain bikes with higher end components, the price is competitive but more than a common gas powered 125cc scooter. Any electric bike will see an increase in range by at least 50% with the use of a well designed fairing front and rear.


Why couldn't they make one with full suspension though, my derrier would have appreciated that for almost 4Gs!

Jake Dhillon

For more information watch this video:

Soro Sollok
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