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Sleeping Around: Shipping containers revamped as relocatable B&B


January 28, 2013

Sleeping Around is a portable hotel comprised of shipping containers that's small enough to be placed in almost any location within a few hours

Sleeping Around is a portable hotel comprised of shipping containers that's small enough to be placed in almost any location within a few hours

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Discarded shipping containers are proving to be convenient building blocks for everything from classrooms to houses to hotels. Container hotels, such as the Snoozebox, have especially popularized the idea of a "pop-up" structure that can be easily assembled in a short amount of time. But while the Snoozebox offers a low-cost alternative to a full-sized hotel, the Sleeping Around container hotel acts more like a portable bed and breakfast, providing guests with a comfortable place to rest in much more intimate locations.

The Belgium-based Sleeping Around hotel is comprised of six shipping containers in all: four containers for guest rooms, one for a breakfast/lounge area, and one for a sauna room. All of the rooms are made from recycled containers from China, which are commonly left behind after being emptied, since it's cheaper than shipping them back.

Each 20-foot long guest room has enough space for a floating box-spring bed, iPod docking station, air conditioning, and a bathroom area with a toilet and rain shower. The lounge container is set up like a breakfast nook for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine together, while the sauna room (still under construction) allows guest to warm up on especially chilly nights.

But the main draw for the small-sized container hotel is its ability to easily pick up and move to more intimate locations, while still providing a comfortable bed and hot shower nearby. Since it takes up much less space, the various rooms could be set down outside a concert, in a park, or even on a bustling city street, all in a matter of hours. In the past, Sleeping Around has invited guests to sleep near a museum, along a riverfront, and right beside a stage show.

Sleeping Around is currently located at the Rijnkaai port, right on the Scheldt river in Antwerp. Each room starts at €149 per night, which includes breakfast, and can be booked online through the website. The website also says the container hotel is looking for a new destination, so be sure to leave a suggestion there if you want to see the portable bed and breakfast show up near you.

Source: Sleeping Around

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I think that is really cool. It is a room with a great view and one can walk outside from ones room.

In a way, I can see it being used as form of emergency shelter too.


Affordable housing like this for single people especially would be great.

Ritchard Mckie

$200 per night?


This is more like it - handful of these down my local canal, I can see a killing here, major league £££s for me

Aloysius Bear
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