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Sleek Audio SA7 - world's fanciest set of earbuds?


May 10, 2010

Sleek Audio's SA7 in-ear headphones are built from aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium

Sleek Audio's SA7 in-ear headphones are built from aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium

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Back in August 2007, we told you about Sleek Audio’s SA6 in-ear headphone system. It featured adjustable bass and treble, interchangeable ear tips, replaceable cables... oh yeah, and it cost $US250. Not exactly your $5 drug store system. Well, the SA6 is still around, but it’s about to lose its title of World’s Fanciest Earbud. Later this year, Sleek Audio will be rolling out the carbon fiber/aluminum/titanium SA7.

Sleek calls the SA7 a “wireless hybrid”, meaning that it can be used with or without its detachable swivel cable. In wireless mode, it uses patented Kleer wireless audio technology to reportedly achieve lossless, CD quality performance. Like the SA6, it features Sleek’s VQ Variable Equalization system, which lets users set the high and low frequencies to their personal preference.

The construction of the SA7, however, is its big selling point. It uses military grade metals for durability, with a core made from a solid block of milled aluminum. A layer of silicone surrounds the dual ultra-wide band balanced drivers, for added impact resistance. Everything is encased within carbon fiber side panels, and held together with hexagonal titanium screws.

What does that all add up to? A set of earbuds, or in-ear monitors, or whatever you want to call them, that can withstand an impact of up to 14,000 G’s, that are completely rebuildable, and that will cost around $US400. If you don’t want to spend quite that much, you could instead check out Sleek Audio’s $80 rosewood-bodied SA1’s.

Via Popular Science.

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