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Buhel Speakgoggle lets you talk through your nose bones


February 3, 2012

The Buhel Speakgoggle G33 Intercom eliminates wires and microphones

The Buhel Speakgoggle G33 Intercom eliminates wires and microphones

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Traditionally just big, goofy optics designed to protect your eyes from cold, snow and bright light, ski goggles have taken all kinds of new roles over the past few winters. Some goggles track your speed and vertical and some capture video. The Buhel Speakgoggle provides a seamless, vibration-based communications mechanism to keep you in touch with your crew.

Cell phones are both a boon and a bane to skiers and snowboarders. Boon: They help riders stay in touch with their group in a sport where it's easy to lose track of one another. Bane: They are difficult to find and operate with gloves, jacket pockets, helmets, hats, etc.

The Buhel Speakgoggle G33 Intercom is designed to streamline cell phone communications on the hill. The goggles use Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone, music player or other Bluetooth device. The microphone is actually integrated into the goggle frame itself and uses bone conduction - essentially vibrations sent through your facial bones - to pick up your speech. This type of communication helps eliminate background noise and provide for clear communications.

To listen, you connect your earphones directly into the goggle rather than running them to the device in your pocket, so there's less wire to worry about. The goggles automatically answer incoming calls, pausing your song if you're listening to music. The buttons on the sides of the goggle frame let you control your functions, and they appear large enough to operate with gloves on.

If you prefer to listen without earphones, Buhel also makes Soundglasses, which are sunglasses that have integrated wireless speakers and microphone.

In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, the Speakgoggle can pair with other Speakgoggles to provide intercom communications at distances up to 500 meters (1,640 feet). You can mate your goggles to six other pairs and communicate directly with each other.

Outside of its technological capabilities, the Speakgoggle offers a helmet-compatible interface with anti-scratch, anti-fog lenses.

You'll find more information about the goggles and distribution at Buhel's website. The video is more like an advertisement, but shows a little more of the goggles in action.

Source: Buhel

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