California startup creating first generation of "adult entertainment" for Oculus Rift


December 18, 2012

California startup Sinful Robot is working on the first generation of "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" for the forthcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

California startup Sinful Robot is working on the first generation of "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" for the forthcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

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The least surprising news story of the week is surely that of the California startup named, aptly enough, Sinful Robot, which is working on the first generation of "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" for the forthcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

The company has put out a call for 3D programmers, artists and animators to help develop virtual reality games in which, if the company's promotional art is anything to judge by, players will interact solely with implausibly-chested women.

The Oculus Rift smashed its Kickstarter target of US$250,000 in August of this year, reaching $2,437,429 of funding by its September 1 deadline. Backers pledging $275 or more will receive a Rift development kit, which are due to ship in March 2013. A consumer version is targeted for a release later in 2013.

The Oculus Rift VR headset

Among others, Sinful Robot is looking for a "3D Character Artist" and a "Senior 3D Character Artist," both of which are required to have "Expert knowledge of creating realistic female models." Those with expert knowledge of creating realistic male models: sorry. Apparently Sinful Robot has its fill of you people.

The Senior Character Animator position, meanwhile, calls for "Expert knowledge of handling & implementing motion capture data."

Reddit user Illusionweaver69, purporting to be Sinful Robot co-founder Jeroen Van den Bosch, suggested that the Oculus Rift offers a new level of immersion.

"I have been waiting for many years for technology to become immersive enough so it trick your brain to accept the virtual reality as reality, but the Rift does really do that," he wrote. "So now we can finally make an erotic adventure game that will actually be exciting!"

Whether "erotic adventure game" turns out to be a euphemism for "crudely-gamified largely unsubtle VR porn" remains to be seen, but the early clues would seem to suggest as much.

Sources: Sinful Robot and Reddit, via Mote & Beam

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I think that it is abhorrent, that coming up to 2013 we don't already have this technology and a vast catalog of titles readily available. Completely unacceptable.

Xavier Raycat

players will interact solely with implausibly-chested women. I will never understand this attraction to large breasted women and why the adult industry and MANGA seems bent on pushing silicon down everyone's throat. A real winning technology would contain user friendly software that would allow not only inner action but inner creation of the SIMs. There are a million different tastes out there. Whoever creates this type of software will conquer the adult industry and change it forever. (My apologies to all you gals out there who are naturally big breasted, I think your swell too.)

Robert Moynihan

I am by no means against porn, but I honestly don't understand the appeal of the stuff that falls in the range of more than the average free stuff on the internet (of which there is a supply large enough to significantly reduce anyone's productive work hours substantially) which has no plot but lots of what people watch porn for and your average 70's or 80's bond movie, which is what I consider the bare minimum of plot in order to make porn more interesting than the above. Who actually buys HD porn (except once or twice out of curiosity)? By the same token, who plans to purchase 3d porn?

I could go for an adult(ish) version of the SIMs, or a well done free world that just happened to include "adult" opportunities (and maybe some commerce? or goals?) Otherwise this sounds like something that will provide at most a few minutes of disappointing enjoyment.

Let me know when they put Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed on one of these though. :)

Charles Bosse


An Assassin's creed in an Oculus? I could get behind that. Especially if it goes first person similar to Mirror's Edge.

Daniel Moreno

or Charles Bosse -true, something like adult SIMS is quite interesting idea - or something like that. Just some normal type of game with this spicy content, becuase I already have experience with 3D porn simulation like 3D SexVilla 2 and althought it is labeled as RPG, it is quite far from normal RPG (mean depth and mechanics). Lula 3D,Playboy Mansion or series Singles would be quite good exaple how to do it. Or maybe some porn tycoon. I also hope that there will be very extensive support of mods and user generated content. Then possibility would be (almost) endless, but not in price system as it is presented or example in 3D SexVilla 2.

Ladislav Svoboda

It's really amazing how technology can make entertainment even more exciting! Thanks to its advancement that we can now enjoy the best of everything, especially in the field of entertainment.


The software needs to come with the obvious networked toys, like a fulltime wearable autolube virtual vagina with a scrotum subwoofer option.......

Neil Underwood
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