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Simple In/Out system keeps tabs on office workers


February 5, 2014

Simple In/Out simplifies the process of keeping up with employee movements using GeoFences and iBeacon technology

Simple In/Out simplifies the process of keeping up with employee movements using GeoFences and iBeacon technology

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Keeping track of who is in a meeting, who is at their desk and who has ducked out for coffee can be the bane of the office boss looking to optimize productivity. The team behind Simple In/Out, a digital platform that automatically checks workers in and out of the office by tracking their location, aims to simplify the process of keeping up with an employee's whereabouts.

Available as an iOS, iPad, Android, Windows 8 desktop or web browser app, Simple In/Out uses GPS and proximity tracking technologies to check workers in and out of the office automatically, provided they are carrying their smartphone.

The system is based predominantly around GeoFences, a GPS-tracking tool that alerts an administrator to when a device crosses a pre-defined boundary. This automatically updates the digital in/out board when an employee enters or leaves the office, meaning a more efficient assignment of tasks and bad news for the staffer habitually the last one back from lunch.

Alternatively, the system supports Apple's iBeacon technology. A feature of iOS 7, iBeacon is a Bluetooth 4.0-based system whereby alerts are sent to an iPhone app if it comes within range of a transmitter, or beacon. In this case, downloading Simple In/Out's iPad app FrontDesk will turn the device into a beacon, updating the system when an employee (and their smartphone) are in the area.

The company says that the different technologies will suit different sized organizations. While the GeoFences option is geared toward large offices with many employees, the iBeacon-based system "is the perfect solution for smaller spaces, large indoor facilities or places where GeoFences are less accurate."

In addition to automated updates, users can also customize their status using one-click updates such as "at lunch" or "on the golf course."

For larger organizations, employees can be categorized into groups depending on their departments or areas of expertise, while data can also be translated to bar graphs and daily action reports for closer examination.

Simple In/Out pricing is based on the size of the staff it will be required to keep track of, ranging from free for systems with three or less users, up to US$79.99 for enterprises with up to 250 staff.

Source: Simple In/Out

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People will just leave their phones at their desk.

Denis Klanac

The sad thing is there are people who see value in this. Instead of tracking your employees movement, why not track their PRODUCTIVITY. Would you rather have an employee who does their job well, who shows u late and leaves early or would your rather have an employee who does the minimum, brings down moral BUT sleeps at their desk all day? Any company who thinks this is good will be out of business soon. This reminds me of when the new Yahoo CEO said she would stop people from working from home.. LOL yah how well did that work.


Mantion, I'd rather have an employee that arrives for work on time, ;eaves on time, and stays in between, who has a high degree of productivity. THAT is what I pay them for.. But, if I can't determine that without an app device, I am the fool…


I won't load a work related app on my personal Android device and I turn WiFi/Bluetooth off while at work, so my employer would have to either issue me a company device or rely on cellphone tracking. Also, my coworkers and I frequently have to visit other offices (company and customer), so the tracking data wouldn't be very indicative.


This is a barbaric idea that should be driven from the workplace before it gets going. On the other hand, the next innovation along this path would be a bluetooth implantable device that would be a required condition of employment. After all in modernizing "Arbeit Mach Frei" for today's world, this "work ethic concept" needs to refreshed. It just makes sense to use the latest technology. Just as the original Nazis did.


not a fan!

Jim Jost

Rick Ledgett would love to do business with Simple In/Out. The more companies that use it the better! Privacy is a thing of the past. I'm sure the implantable device is an upcoming update.

For the Fuehrer!


were supposed to have similar where we Click to Sign & Out from our hours of work etc But nothing yet.

Stephen Russell

You can wrap two sheets of foil around your smartphone and no signal will go through, try it. plus it will keep the phone "fresh".

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