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Never lose your lens cap again


June 9, 2011

Mark Stevenson has designed a simple solution to allow photographers to secure a lens cap to a camera strap or camera bag between shots

Mark Stevenson has designed a simple solution to allow photographers to secure a lens cap to a camera strap or camera bag between shots

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While I've been lucky never to have actually misplaced a lens cap for my digital SLR, there have been times when I've been lost for somewhere to put it between shots (no suggestions please). Chicago's Mark Stevenson has designed a simple solution to allow photographers to secure the wandering lens cap to a camera strap or camera bag.

Stevenson says that the idea for the holder came to him after he lost his camera's lens cap while at the hospital to witness the birth of his daughter. Four prototypes later and the mechanical engineer's patent-pending plastic lens cap holder is ready for commercial production. As I write, his Kickstarter project has reached its funding target and production is scheduled to start within the next couple of weeks, with shipping promised a few week after.

The lens cap's clamping mechanism is used to grip or release the circular recess between the buckle holes of the holder. A camera strap is slotted through the buckles and then the holder can be positioned where it's convenient for you to pop your cap in it when it's not busy protecting your precious lens. Each lens cap holder is designed to hold three or four different-sized lens caps (two on one side and one or two on the other), although (obviously) only one cap can be secured in the holder at any one time.

The holder will initially support 40.5, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 72, 76 and 77 mm lens cap sizes which will make the solution compatible with lenses from Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, Canon, Olympus and Sony, as well as lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras, and vintage and Pro Series models.

Pricing will initially be set at US$19.95, availability information will be appear on the product page shortly.

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YAWN for my Minolta SRT 101 that I had in High School I had an elastic strap that fit any lens body with a cord with a tab on the end that was stuck (sticky tape) to the lens cap, one for each of the four lenses I had,, hmm, two bucks each, never lost a cap.. four lens coverage for 8 coconuts. this product is silly, what if you forget to snap cap on it, yeah it is gone, stupid product

Bill Bennett

I agree bill, i also have those elastic thingies and all you have to do is release it and it just hangs of the lens(easy). The last thing you want is to be fumbling around with the lens cover trying to clip it in into that holder (Fiddly) when a money shot comes up. Maybe it would be ok for carrying a spare cover.

Denis Klanac

When had SLR just \'punched\' needle fine hole through edge of cap,tied some fine nylon cord through it and then tied loose-end to camera strap.



I didn\'t even have to play with sticky tape or punching holes. The cap of the Sony digital camera I bought in 1999 had a small loop that allowed you to attach a cord. Tie the cord to the cap and to a similar loop on the main camera strap and you never lost the cap.

The problem I see with the design featured here is how do you actually use the camera strap for carrying the camera without ripping the lens cap off the lens? Regarding the main picture: if you were to place the lens cap on and then sling the strap over your shoulder, the cap is going to be yanked off, isn\'t it?


The ideas above might work, but when it\'s windy and your camera is on a tripod, the lens cap blows around like hell. I like the idea in the article.

Dean Browne

They already make something like this and have for a while. There is usually a flexible clip on the back interior of the lens cap. It slides over your strap or whatever else you have on hand. I actually see is on alot of Canons like the one pictured.

For everyone suggesting the nylon cord, you obviously don\'t yes cameras very frequently because if you did you would realize how annoying a dangling cap can be.


Dangly caps & cords - no thanks. This method looks much tidier, and I\'d attach it to the camera Bag strap, on the \"front\" section, depending on which shoulder you sling your bag over. Put me down for one...

Nick Herbert
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