Sibling's Walking Shelter packs a tent into a pair of shoes


August 12, 2013

Sibling's Walking Shelter (Photo: Sibling)

Sibling's Walking Shelter (Photo: Sibling)

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Recently unveiled by Australian design collective Sibling, Walking Shelter is a sort of tent designed to be stowed away in netted compartments on the backs of your shoes.

If there's a weakness to this otherwise inspired concept, it may be that it relies on the human body for structural support. So though you can make a vaguely tent-like shape by sitting bolt upright …

Shelter deployed! (Photo: Sibling)

… it may be that, if you're hoping to get some actual sleep, you'd be better off with a good old fashioned tarp.

However, Sibling describes this as a one-off prototype, developed for an auction to raise money for small Australian charity Little Seeds Big Trees which provides art therapy for children. We can't argue with that.

Source: Sibling, via Treehugger

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First of all why would anyone want to keep shelter in their shoes? Imagine after trudging through miles of muddy trails lined with 3-leafed shrubbery, countless blocks of city sidewalk decorated with puddles of questionable fluids and dog residue, and huge expanses of sandy and gritty beaches punctuated with washed up kelp, then take off your shoes and wear it as shelter...sounds like a perfect recipe for a fragrant environment for rest. That's not to mention the added work each step takes while hauling around such equipment. Then there's the question of the formless pile of fabric. What's wrong with existing packable bivy that can be worn as a waist pack?


How about a simple cord on the top which can then be tied onto a branch or fence to provide support. I can see there would be some demand for a tent such as this as carrying a rucksack can be uncomfortable and this would give more of the feel of being out in the open. I do feel there is a good chance of damaging the tent whilst walking through rough country, causing rips and puncture holes.

Stephen Colbourne

Anyone who wears those shoes hiking is far more likely to think that this is a good idea than someone who hikes in actual wilderness.

This does, however, open up a great new put-down for the non-wilderness savvy. For your consideration: "Yeah, Bob is an alright guy but he wears his tent around his ankles."


Anything that adds weight to your feet is going to waste a lot of energy when you walk. You have to accelerate and decelerate the mass with every step and it adds up to a lot!


Those nets could trip you up something awful

Azar Attura
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