Fight shrinkage with the Rooster Booster: the Wonderbra for men


February 11, 2009

The "Rooster Booster" from Mr. BusyBalls

The "Rooster Booster" from Mr. BusyBalls

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February 12, 2009 Post-swim shrinkage of the male genitals is a problem that has occupied some of the great minds of our time. "Budgie smuggler"-style Speedos are a primary culprit - they loudly broadcast the wearer's size, shape and religion even when they're dry, but when wet lycra meets a cold, squashed lunchbox afer a blood-draining swim, the resulting "frightened turtle" effect can be a true seaside tragedy. But if it's OK for women to pump up their credentials with a Wonderbra, why shouldn't men be able to cheat too? This is the thinking behind a new line of Australian swimwear featuring a hidden pocket in which a variety of different foam padding options can be concealed. Gentlemen, meet the "Rooster Booster."

It's important to note that the Rooster Booster is the brainchild of TWO creators - Designer Summer Fisher and her partner Michael Yarwood. You'd think that the swimwear equivalent of a sock down the ballet dancer's jock would be a man's idea - but perhaps women have just as much to gain. For while the Rooster Booster undeniably adds bulk, it also has the effect of reducing definition. The kind of definition that causes nightmares.

The cheeky beachwear will go on sale soon under the equally eyebrow-raising "Mr. BusyBalls" label. Rooster Boosters will be sold internationally on the Web through eBay, Amazon and directly from the Mr. BusyBalls website.

In the meantime, you can improvise a more traditional solution at home by sticking a potato down your swimmers - the lumpier, the better. Gizmag recommends that you make sure the potato is at the FRONT of your Speedo for best results.

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I get Gizmag in my email which usually gives me news on geeky tech stuff. I LMAO when I saw this article. ... finally a way to avoid "frightened turtle effect!"

Robert Brown
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