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Sharp shows new 3-in-1 oven - steam, grill, microwave


September 15, 2010

Sharp Steamwave AX-1100 3-in-1 steam oven

Sharp Steamwave AX-1100 3-in-1 steam oven

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Sharp has announced the new Steamwave AX-1100, a 3-in-1 steam oven with a combination of steamer, grill and microwave. The Steamwave follows the success of Sharp’s Superheated Steam Oven and is one of the first multiple ovens to introduce steam and grill to a microwave unit. Given that many households these days are centered around becoming more health conscious, the idea of having easy access to a steamer and grill will most likely prove popular.

The Steamwave AX-1100 has been designed to create pure steam without the use of microwave energy, retaining vitamins and nutrients within the food.

The 27 liter stainless steel oven includes 15 programmed automatic steaming settings, three steam-thawing and a high or low option for steaming temperatures, in addition to automatic grilling options.

Key features are a built-in removable water tank, so there is no need for an external water supply, 860-watt steam generator, 900-watt microwave and 1050-watt infrared grill. The infrared grill, uses infrared rays to heat the food directly from the outside in, resembling conventional cooking methods, however it is approximately 40 percent faster than a traditional grill. With two levels of cooking space it comes with two steam trays, a grill rack and a glass tray.

Launched at IFA 2010, the Steamwave AX-1100 will be available in two color variants, silver or red and will be available for purchase from late October priced at 549 euros.

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