Sharp introduces color changing LED light bulbs


June 17, 2009

Sharp have developed a series of color changing light globes

Sharp have developed a series of color changing light globes

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When it comes to choosing light globes these days, energy-conscious consumers have a multitude of choice. Both CFL bulbs and LED bulbs offer energy-efficient lighting and whilst they seem expensive at first, you realize they will save you money in the long term. However, a less appealing feature of LED globes is the bright, white light they emit, not particularly compatible with creating a warm, romantic feel in your home. That may be about to change. Sharp Corporation has just announced it has created a series of LED globes that includes a bulb with a remote-controlled, adjustable-color function and a dimmer.

The series of nine globes will be released in Japan in July. Model DL-L60 features an adjustable color function which allows users to change the light through a series of seven shades from warm white to daylight light. This model also includes a dimmer function, allowing the user to enjoy a range of color and brightness. Three other bulbs in the series are dimmer compatible, but the dimmer will need to be purchased separately.

The LED bulbs have a standard E26 screw base so will be compatible with all your existing lights and lamps. All models have a service life of approximately 40,000 hours and will not lose intensity or longevity even if continually turned on or off. With the exception of the DL-L60, users can choose bulbs with warm light or daylight white.

Warm white is described as being equal to the light from an incandescent lamp and daylight light is equivalent to bright daylight. Like other LED bulbs, they provide bright, even light and as they emit very little light in the ultraviolet range are less likely to attract insects and bugs. Prices are expected to range from ¥3880 (USD$40) to ¥7980 (USD$82).

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Attractive LEDs = Less need to ban light bulbs, as less of them will be bought! (and unattractive LEDS or other lights = no need to ban ordinary bulbs!) Very inventive idea in the article. Wonder how max brightness is of this LED lamp is though, that's been a problem with them so far...

Lot of new lighting ideas turning up these days, including higher efficient incandescents.

There are often comments of the type "wait for good LEDS so that light bulbs can be banned" since, unfortunately, Australia is on the same dumb course as us in the EU...

On the contrary, good LEDS also doesn't mean you have to ban ordinary light bulbs ... Given that LEDs are presumably going to be so good that people actually WANT to buy them - unlike 'energy saving' fluorescents, CFLs - then we are talking about a similar situation to transistors and radio tubes (valves) - the latter weren't banned just cause the others turned up.

People can of course make up their own minds anyway whether or not energy cost is worth it in relation to light bulbs and the advantages they - like all lights - have, and they might be in rooms/lamps that are not used that often anyway, so that energy savings hardly come into it, compared to upfront light bulb cost.

As for emissions, does your bulb give out any gases? Even your power station might not give out CO2 emissions - which unfairly denies emission-free energy consumers what they want to use (ordinary light bulbs bought 19/20 times USA, 9/10 times EU). For others linked to say coal power stations like a lot of Australians are, the power station emissions themselves can of course be dealt with, directly or by energy substitution

More on different lights and their uses, and why a ban on light bulbs is wrong, on

Peter in Dublin, Ireland


RE "Like other LED bulbs, they provide bright, even light"

Actually the problem with LEDs is that they are dim and directional, the globe covering can help a little in spreading the light but in return means it's slightly dimmer. 40 watt equivalent replacement leds now cost 50 US dollars so the Sharp bulb is unlikely to be bright...


LED globes that includes a bulb with a remote-controlled, adjustable-color function and a dimmer from Sharp Corporation will be very successful. Today innovative lighting is the neeed of the hour.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India .

Anumakonda Jagadeesh
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