Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell to wake masochists


July 5, 2009

The Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbell

The Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbell

We’ve looked at a few alarm clocks designed to rouse the reluctant riser from their slumber over the years. There’s the Puzzle Alarm Clock to get the gray matter working first thing in the morning and Clocky to get you up and running. Joining the ranks of masochistic devices is the Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell which won’t stop screeching until you’ve done 30 reps.

The Shape Up comes in charcoal gray and features a simple digital LCD clock display on one end so you can set the time you want to the alarm to go off. If you want to give both arms an even workout you might want to consider getting two of the devices, since remembering to alternate arms every morning might prove too much to remember in a semi-comatose state.

The manufacturer, Fred & Friends, doesn’t give any info on the actual weight of the Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell, but the listed shipping weight of 4-lbs means it probably won’t strain too many muscles. It is available now for USD$26.95 and would make the perfect gift for anyone you're not that fond of.

Via: Mark’s Technology News.

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Very creative .. but the perfect gift for anyone you\'re not that fond of?? No, for that the \"113dB Sonic Boom Skull alarm clock with bed shaker\" will do!

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