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Golf watch forged from Seve Ballesteros' clubs


October 17, 2008

Jaermann & Stubi Seve Ballesteros golf watch

Jaermann & Stubi Seve Ballesteros golf watch

October 17, 2008 Looking for a highly-credentialed lucky charm to help lift your game next time you step out on to the tee? This limited edition of 50 golfing watches created by Swiss watchmakers Jaermann & Stübi in conjunction with former World No. 1 golfing legend Seve Ballesteros just might be the answer. There's a good reason for the "limited edition" tag - each of the cases in the run has been forged from the irons used by Ballesteros in his five under par victory at the Chunichi Crown Open in Japan back in 1991.

Two inner dials on the striking blue face help keep track of your stokes and the number of holes played, plus it lets you add up the total score per round and compare it to your handicap (note: the stroke counter only goes up to 10, but if you are likely to need more on a single hole, you probably shouldn't be buying this watch).

As with all of the golfing watches in the Jaermann & Stübi collection, the "Seve Ballesteros" features scratch-resistant sapphire glass, a built-in shock-absorber and water resistance to 100 meters.

Additionally, each club was used individually in the forging process, meaning you can tell which of Seve's irons gave birth to the timepiece on your wrist.

The Jaermann & Stübi "Seve Ballesteros" model will be released in November at a cost of 21,500 Swiss francs (around USD$18,500 at time of publication).

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