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Video Review: Sena 20S Bluetooth motorcycle headset


July 23, 2014

Sena's 20S - with dual Bluetooth chips, audio multitasking is now on the menu.

Sena's 20S - with dual Bluetooth chips, audio multitasking is now on the menu.

The Sena 20S sets a new standard in motorcycle Bluetooth communications with its giant 2-kilometre range, dual Bluetooth chips for true audio multitasking and strong voice control features. Here's our video review, as well as a demonstration of this jigger's outstanding wind noise reduction ability – it can clearly relay a softly spoken voice even in an open helmet at freeway speeds.

Here's the video review:

Now, check out the 20S's amazing noise cancellation abilities:

For more information, check out our full, written Sena 20S review.

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That was pretty funny.


That was awesome funny with the Crescendo at the end. Thanks...



If Google Glass never makes a helmet version maybe these guys should make a version that supports a HUD for GPS maps and/or integrates a helmet cam. Maybe even an option for a rearview camera.

Helmets are a perfect place for a lot of wearable technologies. Maybe they partner with a helmet company for an Android Wear helmet? Google glass would be far more useful as a helmet than as a pair of glasses.

All of the technology required has existed for a while, its mostly a matter of combining it all cheaply. There are reports that Project Ara phones will cost just $50 to produce, Even though Google Glass is $1,500 its only reported to cost about $150 to make.

What that means is aside from R&D costs such a product shouldn't have to cost $3,000 or anything and its not that far fetched as a product. I don't even think it would be that niche since I know more people who wear helmets than I do that wear glasses.

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