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Segway launches three-wheeled SE-3 Patroller


May 21, 2014

The new three-wheeled Segway SE-3 Patroller

The new three-wheeled Segway SE-3 Patroller

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Segway has announced that its family of patrol vehicles is about to get a new member. Developed for the security, law enforcement, emergency response and military markets, the new SE-3 Patroller is a little different from its self-balancing two-wheeled stablemates. It has been treated to a third wheel out front, reportedly giving the stand-up electric vehicle a greater visible presence, even when parked, and allowing for easier mount and dismount.

Segway was founded in 1999 by Dean Kamen to develop dynamically-stabilized, highly maneuverable, zero emission personal transport vehicles. The first models appeared in 2002 and, though not as popular with commuters as the company had hoped, are now a familiar sight in many shopping malls, airports and pedestrianized areas. In fact, Segway says that the existing Patroller vehicles have been deployed in over 1,500 police departments and public safety organizations around the world.

We don't have much in the way of detailed specs on the new three-wheeler to offer, but can tell you that the Segway SE-3 Patroller runs on multiple Li-ion batteries that can be charged from standard wall outlet or hot-swapped for continuous operation without needing to break out the toolbox.

The vehicle has independent direct rear wheel electric drive, Whelen emergency lights and siren, and an LED headlight. Data relating to the operation of the vehicle, such as speed and remaining battery life, can be viewed on a sunlight-readable 4.3-inch display.

The SE-3 includes safety features such as anti-rollover technology to help keep things on the up, independent front and rear hydraulic brakes, and Rider Detect, which disables the motors if a rider is not on the vehicle. There's an included accessory bar for attaching such things as video surveillance cameras, and a built-in 12 V power-to-go outlet for charging mobile devices.

Segway says that the new Patroller's electronic systems have been designed for weather-proof operation, and its rugged plastic panels can be individually replaced if damaged.

The SE-3 Patroller joins the company's existing two-wheel patrol vehicles, the i2 SE and the x2 SE, and rolls in a similar price ball park as the already available Raptor three-wheeler from the UK's Ecospin, at US$12,000 each. The first shipments are due to start in June.

Product page: SE-3 Patroller

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What a waste of tax-payer dollars. Hey, can anyone think of a reason we need fat, out-of shape police? We will be safe as long as criminals don't walk up or down stairs to evade capture. Bike police accomplish the exact same thing at WAY under $12,000 (not including future maintenance).

Wayne Taylor

I think that is really neat.

I have a feeling that the first Segway did not do well since it is expensive and did not live up to the hype (will obsolete all other forms of transportation?).

Are there not other companies with something similar but with a more affordable price tag?


Haha! So Segway's big innovation is to add a third wheel! The irony is not lost on me.


@BigWarpGuy Segway never found much of a market in individual buyers because of the price but there are "segway tours" where you can rent segways in some cities and use it for GPS guided tours either solo or with a group that would be cool.

Aside from that I think their main market is security guards and airport police. I've done security before and standing on asphalt for a long time is a pain even without huffing it around a spread out area. You also wouldn't think of asphalt as soft but it beats spending spending 12-13 hours on a marble floor.


When I saw this on my RSS feed I thought it was something you'd sit down on while you rode, now of course it looks more like a 'chariot' deal. Anyway, my first "you ride it sitting down" thought was...

Scooty Puff Jr.!!!!!!!!! (anyone else? no?)

...but seriously, the 3 wheel irony mentioned by felix is priceless. LOL

Steven Greer

Isn't this just a copy of the T3 Motion scooter that's been available (for much less than $12,000) for the better part of a decade?



At least the 'self balancing' computer programming algorithms would be simpler!

The Skud

Interesting thought - What is to stop somebdy 'hot-swapping' the battery pack into the back of their white van while the cop is chasing a bad guy up some apartment stairs?

The Skud

Put a seat on it! - or would it then just be an electric trike? No doubt a seat will eventually be offered as an expensive extra.

Sheldon Cooper

Never has there been a more innappropriate use of technology than the original Segway. Why does it need to be self-balancing? The rider is perfectly capable of self-balancing, from the age of about 12 months if I recall correctly. I also seem to remember that the rider is also perfectly capable of travelling at 4 mph.... All those processors (presumably Intel, with their traditional cavalier attitude to power consumption) working away to keep the thing upright, and so little power left to drive it along. It would seem that after millions of dollars development, Segway have finally realised the error of their ways. Too bad you can buy a perfectly good alternative (electric skateboard) for a few hundred quid...


There was a seat available back in 2006 just google segseats r seg saddle - not actually made by segway I think - so yup even more irony if you add it - a three wheel with a seat - go figure - isnt that a trike


After a few accidents they'll outlaw them like the 80's ATV 3 wheelers and Seqway will revolutionize with a 4 wheel standing model, Then they'll add a seat to make a quad bike, then maybe doors. It would be like a jeep... only created by segway.

Reagan Smith

The first thing that I thought of when I saw the new Segway was the T3 Motion as well. I see some in airports when I travel. But still for a fraction of that you can get a GoPet scooter. http://www.gizmag.com/gopet-electric-scooter/12616/ Not as menacing, but it gets the job done

Bruce H. Anderson

3-wheels is fine if you have 2-wheels on front with brakes and one on the back. Then you need to make it much lighter and human powered. Drum brakes on the front wheels and two separate handlebars to control each brake. Folding design so you can put it on the boot of any car. This type of vehicle would suit anybody who can walk, even an overweight policeman ;) The speed of this vehicle is between cycling and walking and it can be safely used on footpaths because of those drum brakes. Oops, I just described the unique, practical human powered urban transport I have designed and use every day! Not to worry, I am not going to patent it so it is open source design.

Haykey Kaariainen

Yeah, this needs a barstool and a big cooler. Then all like minded should gather and encroach bike lanes.

John Everett

By laws of physics 3 point support is always stable, even without independent suspension like in a 4 wheeler, unless of course they are in too steep a plane. So what is so special about this?


Shameless copy of original (T3 Motion Patroller)

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