Suunto's second generation of Ambit GPS watches hit the training track


April 30, 2013

The new Ambit2 S and Ambit2 from Suunto

The new Ambit2 S and Ambit2 from Suunto

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Launched last year, the Suunto Ambit brought a new level of functionality to the GPS watch market. Not only could its GPS keep tabs on your speed, distance and vertical, but it allowed for full navigation functions, routing you in and out of the great outdoors. Suunto has now revealed the second generation of Ambit watches with something for both explorers and athletes.

The original Ambit broadened the appeal of GPS watches past Lycra-wearing triathletes and runners to outdoor users that wanted features like route navigation and tracking. With the second generation, Suunto is keeping things relevant to those outdoor users, while broadening the Ambit's appeal for sports and training.

The new Ambit2 S is a lighter, sleeker Ambit option for training. It drops some of the outdoor functions of the original Ambit, while offering support for cycling, swimming, running and multi-sport training.

Cyclists can make use ANT+ power meter support with several power measurement values and a variety of analysis options, while swimmers will have their stroke recognized and values such as pace, distance, automatic intervals, stroke rate and swimming time related to different pool lengths measured. Suunto advertises the FusedSpeed accelerometer-integrated GPS, interval timer and autolaps feature for runners, and its multi-sport switching for multi-sport athletes.

While its outdoor feature set isn't as robust as the Ambit, losing the barometer, barometric altimeter and thermometer, the Ambit2 S does include route navigation, route planning and "Find back" support.

The Ambit2 combines all of the multi-sport support of the Ambit2 S with the outdoor focus of the original Ambit. Features include route navigation, "Find back," barometric information and altimeter, and temperature reading.

Both watches support Suunto's App Zone and Suunto also says that the App Zone has been upgraded to allow users to create and share even more advanced apps. Since launching late last year, the App Zone has spawned more than 5,000 apps. The Movescount website will be upgraded with new analytical, navigation and sharing tools to better support the new watches.

Both the Ambit2 and Ambit2 S will hit the market in May, with the Ambit2 S priced from US$400 to $450, depending on the finish, while the Ambit2 ranges from $500 to $650.

Source: Suunto

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