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Scosche freeKEY roll-up wireless keyboard


May 1, 2011

The freeKEY splash-proof, wireless keyboard can be rolled up and stowed away in a pocket or laptop bag when not in use

The freeKEY splash-proof, wireless keyboard can be rolled up and stowed away in a pocket or laptop bag when not in use

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Even though tablet computers are flying off the shelves at quite a pace, less-than-satisfying onscreen keyboard input can lead many to seek a more comfortable alternative. Scosche Industries has released a water-resistant, wireless solution which can be rolled-up so that, like the folding Bluetooth keyboards we've seen, it can easily be taken along for the ride.

Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS X and iOS operating platforms, the 12.4 x 4.44 x 0.43-inch (315 x 113 x 11 mm) freeKEY silicone keyboard has a wireless Bluetooth 2.0 range of up to 30 feet (10 meters) and once paired with a device, there should be no need to re-pair.

The keyboard surface reminds me of the kind of spongy keys you'd find on a ZX Spectrum way back when, and to its left is a rectangular block that contains the Li-ion battery, power switch and mini-USB charging port. On the top of this block, there's a connect button flanked on either side by LED status and charge indicators.

The roll-up, splash-proof freeKEY comes shipped with a retractable USB charging cable and costs US$59.99.

The inclusion of a pouch or some means to secure its rolled up state would have been a useful addition but perhaps I'm just being picky.

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I\'d like to buy this keyboard to use with my Samsung Nexus S, an Android 2.3.4 OS Can you ensure me this will work? Will I need to install software as well?

Glen Olsen

what about a rooted nook color??

Steven Murphy

I g0t my wireless r0ll-up keyb0ard ab0ut 3 m0nths ag0 and as y0u can see my "0" n0 l0nger w0rks. Neither d0es my number nine. I am less than pleased, t0 say the least. At first I l0ved it, but 0bi0usly it isn't as "flexible" as advertised. It d0esn't seem t0 withstand st0rage in r0lled-up f0rm s0 what is the p0int??

Dom Mill

I bought this keyboard at Walmart and was thrilled at the concept, until several keys stopped working after only a few months. I had to pay $15 in postage to get a replacement. The replacement stopped working after just a few days. I didn't want to spent more on postage than on my initial purchase so I lost $65 altogether and will avoid this company in future.

Dom Mill
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