Dream boat: Schopfer Yachts 300ft Infinitas


February 7, 2010

The Infinitas by Schopfer Yachts ... a unique design just waiting to take shape - 300ft long and accommodation for 16 plus crew members

The Infinitas by Schopfer Yachts ... a unique design just waiting to take shape - 300ft long and accommodation for 16 plus crew members

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Luxury boat designer Schöpfer Yachts has launched its second stunning design – the Infinitas – and while at this stage it only appears on paper, we would really love to see this one on the water. Aside from the glass floored "sky-bridge", on-board elevator and front helipad, the standout design element is the carved out stern and mid section, which gives the 300ft (91.5m) yacht its radical dinosaur-skull-like profile.

Designed by E. Kevin Schöpfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects the design’s inspiration comes from the symbol for infinity, which can be seen the yacht’s elevation.

The loop design is held together by a central “spine” that allows the "yacht’s superstructure to seamlessly flow within itself" according to the designers.

The unique design has also enabled a rethink of the layout. The main deck living room and dining room are detached with the dining room moved forward and separated from the living room by a massive pool deck.

The main level also contains the living room, kitchen, storage, and bow deck (with helicopter pad).

To ensure no break with comfort, the main salon has “generous” 12-foot ceilings and fully glazed walls that give the impression of an island within the yacht.

The next level up houses a series of guest suites and secondary bow deck. The owner’s suite occupies the third level with “sky bridge,” pilot house, and upper deck.

There are not one, not two but three methods to get to that all-important pool deck – an obvious hub of activity on such a craft. First is via a direct outside bridge/walkway that bisects the pool. It has underwater openings in its support system, allowing swimmers to dive from one side to another. The pool can also be covered for larger venue needs (or if you don’t want the hassle of removing empty Dom Perignon bottles and half eaten cans of beluga caviar from the bottom of the pool the next day).

The second method of crossing the pool deck is an overhead "sky bridge" that connects to the main stairs and elevator – yes elevator. The sky bridge has a clear glass floor and ceiling, allowing natural light to filter down to the pool below and help you work on that all-important tan, even while swimming under cover.

Finally the most mundane option is to simply walk via a lower level lounge that incorporates glass portals that let you see into the pool.

All told, the Infinitas can accommodate 16 guests and crew - and if you owned one of these, you’d easily have that many friends.

    Infinitas design specifications:
  • Length: 300ft (91.5m)
  • Beam: 56ft (17m)
  • Draft: 14ft (4.2m)
  • Fuel tanks: 65,000 gallons
  • Water tanks: 28,600 gallons
  • Propulsion: diesel electric
  • Max speed: 20+ knots
  • Cruising speed: 15 knots
  • Accommodation: one owner suited and six guest suites (16 guests)

    Wow looks like a dust buster on water!

    Denis Klanac

    It looks like something between an Aladdin\'s lamp, a sneaker and, yes, a dinosaur skull. Not my favorite design...there is so much wasted space both on and below deck.

    Bruce Williams

    Awesome..!...I Want one of these..!!!!!

    Anshuman Kapoor

    Does it have canons and missile launcher to go in the Indian Ocean ?


    Now, if they could just make it submersible

    Questor Thews

    forget canons and missiles it needs some lazer an stuff


    Hahahahha. Phasers and photon torpedoes.


    Good for vampires and others who fear the sun. Yet another bizarre yacht designed by a \'designer\' who knows no naval architecture and whose only sea going experience is on a passenger liner.


    Glad to see no one is taking this seriously. How repugnant can one get? It carries 25 tons of fuel. It will probably burn 5000 litres (5 tons an hour) Let\'s put that into perspective. The fuel that this thing will use in one hour would power my car for 20 years!!!! Poor Olin must be turning in his grave. (Olin Stephens - One of the founders of the firm that designed this thing)


    Why don\'t they just buy a retired cruise ship and be done with it? Then they could bring several hundred friends along instead of just 16.


    All very interesting, but is it practical? Someone please explain how the crew would manage fenders along the side when they have to tie the thing up!


    Welcome, Mr. Bond. So nice of you to join me on my boat.....

    John Fontaine


    $325000 TO TOP OFF THE TANK


    Does it come with cup holders ?

    Mick Perger
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