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Just-launched HyperJuice2 charges a MacBook and two iPads at once


August 31, 2012

The HyperJuice2 was just launched at IFA

The HyperJuice2 was just launched at IFA

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While it may not be likely that one person would need to charge a MacBook and two iPads all at the same time, it’s entirely possible that a group of people (say, a group of people covering an electronics trade show) might need to. If they did, and an AC outlet wasn’t close at hand, a single Sanho HyperJuice2 could apparently do the job. The portable battery pack was just launched at IFA 2012.

The 100Wh HyperJuice2 itself takes three to four hours to charge, using mains power. It can then – in turn – be used to power or recharge up to one MacBook and two iPads, simultaneously. It’s able to do so thanks to its two 10W USB ports, and single DC out. In fact, if you wanted to, you could attach two more iPads to your already-charging MacBook and charge those, too.

It works with 11 to 17-inch MacBooks, all generations of iPad, and all iPhones. An iPad can reportedly run for an extra 50 hours on a fully-charged HyperJuice2 (44 hours for the new iPad), a MacBook will get an extra 26 hours, and an iPhone can be fully recharged up to 24 times ... or 19 times, depending on which source you go by. By contrast, the 100Wh version of the original HyperJuice claimed run times of just 40 hours for the iPad, and 18 hours for the MacBook.

An LCD status display keeps users apprised of its operating temperature, time left to full charge, and the amount of battery life remaining. The individual battery cells (along with the logic board) are designed to be easily removable, to facilitate future upgrades.

The Sanho HyperJuice2 sells for US$299 (or €249 or £220, according to the market).

Source: Sanho

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