Sandisk releases first 32GB microSDHC card


March 22, 2010

SanDisk has announced the availability of the world’s first 32GB microSDHC removable memory card

SanDisk has announced the availability of the world’s first 32GB microSDHC removable memory card

If that 16GB microSDHC card in your mobile phone is starting to burst at the seams with music and video files, not to mention photos of your BFF, then Sandisk’s new 32GB card is arriving just in time. The company has announced the availability of the world’s highest capacity removable memory card to enhance the storage capacity of devices that will support it.

SanDisk is mass-producing the new Class 2 cards based on its third-generation 32nm X3 (3-bit-per-cell) technology, which makes a 32GB capacity possible in such a small form factor. The company is taking orders from OEM customers and is making the card available to them in a variety of card and adapter configurations as well as with the option to pre-load the card with custom software.

According to SanDisk the 32GB card can store enough music to outlast 35 round-trip flights between San Francisco and New York before repeating a single song. But we’re assuming delays aren’t being factored into the calculations, so if you’re planning on making such a journey you might want to wait for a 64GB card to appear - or possibly a 128GB. The 16GB microSDHC cards were only announced six months ago so you shouldn't won’t have to wait too long.

SanDisk's 32GB microSDHC card comes with a five year limited warranty and should be appearing on US online stores for US$199.99 shortly. It will also be available in Europe soon, with worldwide availability to follow in the next month.

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I remember back in the old days (8 years ago) when they were 32MB! Now they have 1000 times more capacity!

Edgar Walkowsky
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