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Samsung Windows 8 hybrid tablet to be unveiled at IFA?


August 28, 2012

Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo

Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo

If the Samsung Notebook page on Facebook is anything to go by, we should soon be seeing a new Windows 8 hybrid tablet from the company. It will apparently be making its debut in just a few days, at the IFA 2012 electronics trade show.

The Facebook page in question simply shows the above image (which was added on Sunday), with a caption underneath stating “Don't worry, it's just around the corner...”

According to The Verge, the device in the photo looks quite similar to a transforming Windows 8 tablet concept that Samsung displayed earlier this year at Computex. It featured a stand-alone tablet screen measuring approximately 11 inches across, with front and rear cameras, and a slot for storing a stylus. That tablet joined to a separate netbook-style keyboard via a magnetic hinge.

Whatever the device actually turns out to be, Gizmag will be on hand in Berlin to check it out first hand, when IFA opens this Friday.

Source: The Verge

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The dawn is almost upon us !

Welcome Windows 8 ..........

Atul Malhotra

With recent news from US courts, more than ever I am looking for a true Ipad alternative. Let's hope this has the goods - and then some!

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