Simband: Samsung's vision for wearable health devices


May 29, 2014

Full availability of the Simband reference design for developers is expected before the end of the year

Full availability of the Simband reference design for developers is expected before the end of the year

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Samsung has provided its vision for the future of wearable health devices by unveiling a hardware reference design called Simband. This fitness device concept would be underpinned by a new cloud-based platform called Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI).

In an interesting piece of timing, the announcement comes just days before WWDC, where Apple’s is rumored to be unveiling an iOS app dubbed Healthbook that tracks various fitness and health data (and possibly some new hardware too).

As a reference design, the Simband isn't a product, but is intended to provide a direction for future cloud-based health monitoring devices ... think Gear Fit, with much more advanced sensors.

Samsung is aiming for an open ecosystem that will allow partner companies to design and integrate their own sensor technology and, through the SAMI platform, develop applications and algorithms for wearables.

The compnay has partnered with the biosensing institution Imec to develop the open reference modular design. Prototypes have been given to a select set of partners and full availability of the Simband reference design for developers is expected before the end of the year.

The sensor module will be placed on the band of the device allowing direct contact with the anterior part of the wrist. Information from the sensors will be displayed on a smartwatch-style dashboard and sent wirelessly to other devices via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

"The sensor module allows different sets of sensors to be integrated into a wearable form factor," according to the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Centre. "The open module will be available to the entire technology and medical communities and we encourage these communities to develop new sensors and algorithms for the platform."

Potential sensors hinted at by Samsung include:

  • Multiple photoplethysmogram (PPG) – uses light to measure blood pressure and heart rate
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) – measure rate and regularity of heartbeat, also capable of giving blood pressure estimate
  • Bioimpedance – can measure blood flow and body fat
  • Galvanic skin response (GSR) – measures the electrical conductivity of the skin to monitor stress levels
  • Temperature – using a set of algorithms Simband will estimate core body temperature, useful in monitoring calorie burn
  • The goal is to allow 24/7 health monitoring and the reference design also proposes a new type of magnetic battery charger that could be clipped onto the device while the wearer sleeps, without having to remove it.

    Meanwhile, the SAMI platform is designed to allow data captured by Simband-based devices to upload data to the cloud, where developers will be able to access it so as to develop new applications and provide visualization of the data based on different contexts, such as user location, behavior and environment.

    Source: Samsung


This ought to get interesting when the insurance companies become able to monitor one's data and ascertain whether they are eligible for coverage or punishment...


Im getting rather tired of the same use of data being re used by companys ,its always heart beat and calories distance and speed and really this infomration is usless unless the technolgy aids us in telling us what food sources and groups our bodys need daily hourly etc. Regulation by machines is the route to perfect health. Invest should be in this area not re cloning fitness watches that monitor our sleep ,all well and good being monitored but we can skip the need to go to the doctor with the data strap and have more direct information served to whom it matters most us the user,im important to me and not as to a doctor or anyone else ,being in charge of yourself is what technolgy should be offering us not these gimicks . What vitimans do i really need today rather then taking a hundred in one,what time do i or should i eat at ,do i need fiber today not just 80 over 120 rather usless data thoe of course it has help some along the way.


The TV called Continuum shows a device like this, turns out it's a real thing.

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