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July 23, 2009

The Samsung S9110 watch phone

The Samsung S9110 watch phone

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Looks like Samsung is going to beat LG to the punch with the release of its S9110 watch phone due to hit stores before the rival LG GD910 – in France anyway. Aimed at Dick Tracy fans and gadget lovers alike the S9110 even manages to squeeze a few more features into its diminutive body, including a larger 1.76-inch touchscreen (to the GD910’s 1.43-inch), Bluetooth 2.1 and Outlook email sync.

Like the LG GD910, the Samsung offering also packs an MP3 player, speakerphone, and voice recognition. The watch phone also supports 900/1800MHz, is powered by a 630mAh battery, and has 40MB of internal memory - so you probably won’t have enough room for your entire music library. The 176 x 220 pixel, 262k color TFT TSP display is protected behind scratch-proof glass and the stainless steel body measures just 57.5 x 41.1 x 11.98mm and weighs 91g.

The Samsung S9110 is set to hit shelves in France this month for around EUR€450 (approx. USD$639 at time of publication), a month ahead of the LG GD910. No word on wider availability as yet.

Via: The Daily Mirror.

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Ebay's had cellphone watches available from China for at least a year now!

Gerard Gallagher

Well i think this phone is going to be a flop as it will be a hassel to use speacially for business people and youngsters. But have u guys seen NS08 i think this upcoming phone will left all phones behind and every one will love it . Check this video out.

Cool Sabrina

Gerard is right.

And what's more is that they're better and cheaper than what we're about to be spoon-fed by the major companies. Handsets only for less than £100. Have a look for the w600 watch phone. Neat.

It certainly deserved a mention on Gizmag before his Samsung one...


"Looks like Samsung is going to beat LG to the punch with the release of its S9110 watch phone due to hit stores before the rival LG GD910..."

Not quite. LG just launched its Watchphone last week in the UK. According to credible sources, that was the first watch-style phone released into market anywhere in the world this year.

Ken Hong

Has someone got this lovely watch phone yet? I want to know more about this phone from a real user. Such as its battery durability, touch screen sensitivity, sound effects, etc.

watch phone
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