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Samsung announces world's largest 4K displays, 98-in and 110-in S9 UHD TVs


September 5, 2013

Samsung's 110-in UHD display

Samsung's 110-in UHD display

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Yesterday at IFA 2013, Panasonic showed off its impressive new 65-inch VIERA WT600 4K TV at IFA 2013, but today belongs to Samsung. The Korean electronics giant has revealed two enormous Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions.

At CES in January, Samsung gave us a glimpse of things to come with an 85-inch 4K LED TV. For Berlin's IFA, the company has upped its game with the European debut of a 98-inch S9 model and a 110-inch monster (the latter would likely nab the crown of world's largest TV). Details are somewhat lacking at the moment, but we'll update this post as we learn more. One thing is for certain, buyers are going to need a suitably large bank roll to go with the huge room needed to house either of these behemoths.

In related news, the company also announced 55-inch curved and flat format UHD OLED TVs, representing "an unprecedented leap forward for picture quality and sharp contrast with its self-emitting pixels and natural motion."

Source: Samsung

Update 10/5/13: Samsung Europe's Senior Director of Sales & Marketing Michael Zoeller has revealed that the production versions of the 98- and 110-inch UHD TV prototypes shown off by the company at IFA 2103 will have the same feature set at the company's 85-inch S9 UHD TV first shown at CES back in January. Unfortunately, dimension and weight information is not available at this time.

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I wish there was more of these new TV's coming to market rather then it always being them just showing off a model with no word on when they will ever sell them, maby years away.

Nathaneal Blemings

''One thing is for certain, buyers are going to need a suitably large bank roll to go with the huge room needed to house either of these behemoths.''

I wish websites would stop repeating this nonsense that you need a huge room for a display this small. If you want to equal the diagonal field of view of a 50mm lens on a full frame sensor camera wich is considered the 'normal' then a 98'' display requires a viewing distance of just 9'5'' and for a 110'' display this means a viewing distance of 10'7''. Both of these are normal for average size living rooms. Besides this i consider a viewing angle equivalent to a 50mm lens to be quite narrow and would go for a 35mm or wider viewing angle at some point in the future which will obviously require much bigger displays still, but for now with content being filmed with narrow framing i think 50mm is a nice target.


The 152" Panasonic 152UX1 3D plasma is the worlds largest 4K display :P been on the market for nearly two years

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