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iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy Note 3


September 20, 2013

Gizmag compares the features and specs of the Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Gizmag compares the features and specs of the Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Compare any two high-end smartphones, and chances are they'll have a lot in common. There's usually a lot of overlap in screen size, internal components, and feature lists. But the new iPhone 5s and Galaxy Note 3 are about as different as two top-tier "phones" (if you can even call them both that) can be. Let's put the two side-by-side, compare their features and specs, and see what happens.


See what we mean? These phones live on opposite ends of the size spectrum. The Galaxy Note 3 is 22 percent taller, 39 percent wider, and nine percent thicker than the iPhone 5s.

In fact, the difference is big enough that "phone" probably isn't the best description for the Note 3. The Galaxy Note series ushered in the term "phablet," and that portmanteau has never seemed more appropriate than when it's sitting next to the iPhone 5s.


The Note 3 is a whopping 50 percent heavier than the iPhone 5s. You get a lot of perks in exchange for those extra ounces, but you'd be foolish to think this giganto-phone won't make its presence felt in your pocket.


The new iPhone 5s is built almost exactly like its predecessor, the iPhone 5. With the Note 3, Samsung tried something new, with a soft-touch faux leather finish. It's still plastic, but we're happy Sammy finally ditched the glossy and flimsy build found on most Galaxy devices.


Each handset is sold in three different colors. The "space gray" iPhone has a black front, while the gold and silver models have white faces. The front colors of the three different Note 3 models match their backs.


If you were hesitant about the extra weight and huge footprint the Note 3 will leave in your pocket or purse, then maybe this will change your mind. The Note 3 gives you much more screen real estate: 103 percent more display area, to be exact.

The Note's screen is also much sharper. The iPhone 5s only gives you 35 percent as many pixels as the Note 3 does. Just remember that anything in the 320+ pixel per inch (PPI) range is going to look very sharp. Anything beyond that is more of an eye candy bonus than a necessary upgrade.


Steve Jobs famously mocked styluses when he pitched the first iPhone in 2007. For a while there, it looked like he had single-handedly eviscerated the stylus, much like he did Adobe Flash and tablets with USB ports.

But the Galaxy Note line makes a great case for the stylus. The phablets' large screens lend themselves well to Samsung's "scribbling in a notebook" theme, and the company threw in a ton of software that takes advantage of the S Pen. It lets you jot notes (with handwriting recognition), highlight areas of the screen to capture, and achieve a greater overall sense of precision no matter what you're doing.

Fingerprint sensor

This is the big differentiating feature in the iPhone 5s. Hiding underneath the home button is a "Touch ID" fingerprint sensor that will learn your unique-as-a-snowflake print. Your fingerprint (and any other print that you teach it to trust) will unlock your phone, but anyone else will need a passcode. It's a great balance of smartphone security and convenience.


More megapixels don't necessarily translate to better pictures, so we'd consider this one an "incomplete" until we put both devices' cameras through their paces. We do know that the iPhone 5s' new camera features larger pixels, a new slow-motion mode, and a burst mode that automatically chooses the sharpest shot. Its flash also sports a second LED (branded as "True Tone"), which supposedly leads to more accurate tones.

Companion smartwatch

The thought of whipping out the gigantic Galaxy Note 3 just to check messages and send texts might sound daunting, but Samsung has an ace up its sleeve. For an extra US$300, you can snag the companion Galaxy Gear smartwatch to pair with your Note 3. It lets you make calls, read notifications, send messages (via voice), snap pictures, run apps, and more ... all on your wrist.

Unless the rumor mill is terribly misguided, Apple will launch a smartwatch of its own at some point, but there's nothing solid on that front yet. Right now you can use the Pebble watch with your iPhone, though its functionality is much more limited than the Gear.


Both devices are going to be ridiculously fast. In fact, we're really past the point of sweating speed differences in high-end smartphones, as their capabilities are beyond the limits of most apps.

The most interesting item here is Apple's shift to 64-bit processing in the iPhone 5s' A7 chip. It probably doesn't mean diddly-squat right now, but it does lay the groundwork for future mobile devices with desktop-like amounts of RAM.

Motion coprocessor

Motion copro-what? Well, Apple threw a new M7 companion processor into the iPhone 5s, the sole job of which is to power the phone's motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass). This is good news if you use fitness apps or accessories, as they supposedly won't get the usual battery drain that other smartphones give you.

Let's be honest, though: Apple didn't throw the M7 in just to boost the popularity of fitness apps and trackers. It's almost certainly going to play a big role in that rumored iWatch, whenever it arrives.


The Note 3 blows away the iPhone's 1 GB of RAM, though we aren't expecting any performance problems on the 5s.


The base model of the Note 3 gives you double the storage of the 5s' base model. It also has a microSD slot, though those are becoming less relevant on Android.


Of course both devices also support speedy 4G LTE downloads, provided your local carrier has it. There's also a non-LTE (maxing out on HSPA+) version of the Note 3, though it should mostly be sold in regions that don't yet have LTE.


Capacities can be interesting to note, but there are lots of other factors that determine actual battery life. Stay tuned for more from Gizmag on the best measure of battery life: some old-fashioned hands-on testing.

Software versions

The iPhone 5s launches with the redesigned iOS 7. Samsung has been keeping up much better on this front lately, as the Note 3 will launch with the latest version of Android, 4.3 (also known as the epic conclusion to the Jelly Bean trilogy). Samsung's TouchWiz UI, as always, makes its presence felt on top of Android.

Local file sharing

One of iOS 7's big upgrades, AirDrop, should be familiar to Mac owners. The iOS version appears to use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to establish a connection and transfer files with another iOS device.

Samsung has used its S Beam feature as a weapon against Apple in many a commercial. It uses near-field communication (NFC) to transfer files with any nearby Galaxy device. Here you only need to place the phones back-to-back, and tap on the screen to confirm.


Speaking of NFC, Apple hasn't yet bothered including the technology in any of its devices. And it's starting to look like maybe it never will.

Side-by-side multitasking

This is another perk of having a humongous screen. Samsung's Note series lets you run two apps on the screen at once. In the latest version, you can actually run two separate instances of the same app. This opens the door to things like running two simultaneous chat windows, or popping up a calculator window while you're drafting a message.


Like the GS4, the Note 3 features an IR blaster, so you can use your phablet as a remote control for your TV.

Voice control

The iPhone 5s has iOS 7's improved version of Siri for voice control. The Note 3 gives you a couple of native options: Samsung's S Voice (last time we checked, it was inferior to Siri) and Google Now (which we prefer over Siri for its speed and predictive abilities).

If you pick up the Galaxy Gear, it also lets you use a scaled-down version of S Voice straight from your wrist.

Starting price

The above standard prices are in US dollars, and they also require you to sign a blood oath, erm, new two-year contract with your preferred carrier. Remember, though, that the Note's US$300 price is for 32 GB of storage, while the $200 iPhone 5s only gives you 16 GB.


Yep, these two phones are about as different as can be. Based on this initial look, it looks like the iPhone brings greater simplicity and portability, while the Note 3 packs in more features and strives to be more of a productivity-based companion.

Speaking of companions, the wild card here is that Galaxy Gear smartwatch. We're going to hear a lot about wearable computers in the next few years, and the Gear is the most advanced of its kind to hit the market. Gizmag will have much more to say about these two phones – and the Gear – within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for some deeper dives on that front.

In the meantime, you can satiate your appetite with our hands-on with the Note 3 (and Galaxy Gear) and our comparison of the different iPhone models.

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Less relevant because of OTG. OTG is awesome. I wouldn't buy a phone without it. Especially a phone with movie watching resolution.

Carl Bowers

MicroSD slots are becoming less common on Android. Not less relevant.

Alex Griffiths

Samsung + Android: the poor man's Apple and iOS !

Samsung may have a couple of "betters" on the Note 3, but do I really want to pretend I've got a bigger male member when mine is pretty big anyway? What is the point of the Samsung? I pop my iPhone 5 into my shirt pocket, then I kick a ball about with my son, or I can put my suit jacket on with no intrusion. Samsung products look cheap and nasty, using the cheap, tacky look which is synonymous with Japanese/Korean/Chinese design. Americans aren't known for their style either, but Apple have bucked the trend and brought some incredible design and functionality to the mass market.

Lastly, walk into an Apple store and you're treated properly (unless you're some fat, awful woman who wants to scream and shout). You feel like you bought into something special and the Customer Service is second to none. Walk into a phone shop to buy a Samsung and you're just another mug to be fleeced.

Samsung....for the man who has nothing, will never have anything, but likes to think he's arrived!

The Master

Apple isn't going to implement NFC but they are using BluetoothBLE in their version called iBeacon

Inappropriate Response

And even with such a hefty lead in terms of number, performance, battery and whatnot, Samsung's Note and its siblings fail to beat Apple's lone contender in terms of hype, sales, profits, looks, fluidity and customer satisfaction, basically almost everything that matters.

hence proving the point " all brawn and no brain ".

3 gigs of ram? wonder if it can also handle xp or 95?!!

Vikas Vimal

Great comparison, although the starting price is not correct. The note 3 starts at 199 on T-Mobile with a contract, undermining the 299 you are mentioning...

Jan Kelley

The Note III is a glorified tablet with some phone features, it's difficult to compare two devices with such a different scale of internal real-estate.

However, this article seems to be written to soften the blow to iphone users that their phone isn't technologically better than the Note III. Not that specs are everything...

But, Really? A difference of 1 ghz of processing power per core and 2 extra cores or 600mhz and 6 extra cores isn't a big deal? But 64-bit on a phone with 1GB of RAM and a motion calc chip is? Wha....? It's not necessary to say that "oh, the pixel density is pointless": when you know the point is the watch 1080p material in it's native resolution. Or "we'll wait and see about the camera": when know know it's the same damned glorious camera from the S4 that makes me (as an iphone user jealous).

Look, the iphone is going to have a wonderfully smooth and controlled experience compared to the GNIII, with occasional (constant) crashes from some 3rd party apps. It's okay that it's not better than something larger than some people's home computers. No need to sugarcoat it.

If the article seems a bit unbalanced because one device is outclassing another, it's because the devices aren't in the same class. No need to make the article biased to try to prove otherwise. You pretty much stated that you're comparing a phone with some tablet features against a tablet with some phone features. The tablet (phablet) is obviously going to win everything, except that portability factor. Of course, the iphone is still a pretty big phone.

Robert Niehay

Well , thanks for the article, the true words always hurt somebody feeling. But no doubt about Samsung gonna beat over Apple pretty soon. Base on my knowledge I have many reason why I don't use Apple product. But one of the reason is I am not "brainwash" by Apple anyway.

Juuleekutie DiGraziozz

Obviously reading views here "mostly" by closed minds of the stereotypical Iphone user.

I have both a Iphone 5 (ios7) and a GS2 (jellybean) and personally prefer the now dated S2!

What a stupid comment that Samsung Android is a poor mans Apple IOS, typical Iphone user superiority complex!

Android running on any of the manufacturers bring far better userbility/ customisation and something that seals the deal for most people that is simply not found in apples regime, FREEDOM!!

Happy to say that my Note 3 is en-route, and as a day to day user of both platforms (ios7 android) this for me is a fantastic upgrade from my S2!

Stephen Heaton

Robert Niehay : Very well written.

The Master : WoW and more WoW , no further comment.

Vu Tran

The iphone 5s/c and Note 3 are not even in the same category. They are completely different devices aimed at completely different demographics. The Note series is a class by itself, and the majority of people who want the Note 3 aren't even considering the iphone 5s/c.


@The Master

"Samsung Android: the poor man's Apple and iOS !"

You must have missed the part where the Note is more expensive than the iPhone.

"do I really want to pretend I've got a bigger male member when mine is pretty big anyway? "

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you

"kick a ball about with my son"

That poor poor child.

"What is the point of the Samsung?"

To make iPhones and their owners look foolish and make them feel inadequate. Mission accomplished. Just kidding, it's actually to make Samsung way more money than Apple makes. That's why Samsung has become the world's largest smartphone maker as Apple's market share has hit a three-year low.

Who makes the processor in your iPhone anyway? Oh yeah, SAMSUNG!


I respect samsung,it just makes a full package of what i need in a phone. not forgetting the size...

Tebbie Moss

There is no point of arguing here.... BOTH devices are class apart...

one is for people who want quality with simplicity... i.e. iphone

and the other one is for people who want customization along with features... i.e. NOTE 3

Further, we people don't own the GIANTS (i.e. APPLE or SAMSUNG) so there is no point of arguing that who makes more or less profit..

We simply own devices so you can decide which one to buy, also owing a device is our own personal preference... and preference may be any of the above mentioned options...


Mayank Maheshwari

@The Master - Sorry, but your hyperbolic zeal for the iPhone reveals that you are more so The Slave to a brand.

Both products are beautiful and serve slightly different markets. For my money and needs, the Note III is the easy choice.

Regarding smartwatches: I suspect Apple's offering will easily beat the Gear in terms of style and function. I can't believe that Samsung implemented the camera for environmental shots rather than facing the other way for the highly-anticipated smartwatch video call capability. I'm certain that Apple will implement this and capture the glory and marketing boost of being able to claim themselves the creator of the first Dick Tracy watch. Also, though media control is a function of the Gear, they didn't include a headphone jack. ??? The media must play through the associated phone, but I thought the Gear was capable of streaming video/music from the phone. Finally, why not include simple IR? TV/Home theatre control would've given the Gear a highly used function and increased its appeal.


"Samsung....for the man who has nothing, will never have anything, but likes to think he's arrived!" The Master

LOL, jealous much

anyways, the noteiii is a little big for my pocket, however i got one for my mother since she always has a purse with her.

both phones are great and serve their specific needs

tampa florida

@The Master - "walk into an Apple store and you're treated properly (unless you're some fat, awful woman who wants to scream and shout)"

Wow, so apparently both you and Apple are misogynists who associate being fat with being an awful, shouty person then? Well done on selling that customer service.

As for "Samsung....for the man who has nothing, will never have anything, but likes to think he's arrived!"... again, well done on selling that iPhone on it's real merits. Personally I'm more concerned with what each device offers me rather than how it compliments my appearance to others first and foremost. And this coming from someone who ridicules prospective Note 3 owners as simply wanting to look as though they have a "bigger male member". Honestly?

I'm a bloke by the way who currently owns an iPhone, and I'm neither fat or awful. I'm looking for my next phone, and nothing you said has convinced me the iPhone is really advantageous. Plenty of the Samsung's features and spec details are attractive to me though, and I've also had the opportunity to handle one since a colleague got his yesterday. I'm not entirely sure about the faux-leather back, but generally I think it looks really nice. My other half has an iPhone 5, so I'm familiar with the build of that, but the screen on the Note is a real winner for me. The stylus is great too, and I've been shown some really cool uses of it that would certainly help me with some tasks, such as making quick notes at work - I'm in IT and can often need to do so on site visits when I'm buried in a data center or network cab. Currently I do this on my iPhone, but not needing to use the touch-based keyboard in such a situation would be awesome. The note is also hardly what I'd call heavy, and not as huge as you might think. I'd get it in a pocket and I'm only 5'7" and slim.

I've had an iPhone for the past 4 years and I've never owned an Android device. Overall, personally speaking, after having a quick hands-on with the Note 3, I'd say it's very attractive to me and certainly doesn't have any massive downsides. I think the really decider for people will be the size and the OS. As a techy I think I'd be comfortable with the adaptable nature of Android, but if you want simplicity above all then maybe Apple will still be your preference. It all depends what you want to do with it.

Michael Ball

For those that want to down not only Samsung but TMobile as well, let me set the record straight. As a TMobile employee, first of we do not have any contracts for our phone service, so know your facts before you type!!! Secondly TMobile offers the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at $0 down for well qualified customers and if your not exactly well qualified we still dont force you into paying full price for the phone, we finance all of our phones with 0% APR no matter what the circumstances are. As a retailer who sells phones I will say that I sell way more of the Samsung and LG phones than I do Iphones. Every Iphone customer we have has been in to complain about the ios7 update and how they are disappointed with the 5s and 5c, not to mention Apple still isn't issuing stores the 5s for stock and customers have to wait 7 to 10 days to receive their device,so for you self righteous Iphone users like "The Master", get all of your facts before you type a bunch of crap!!!! By the way I do very well with customer service and our customers a treated very well and they love us, so Apple is not the only store that has great customer service and last I checked its the people who work for these companies who make the customer service what it is, not the brand name itself, so if you hire great people your customers will always have a great customer experience. I am a female with a Note 2 that I will be upgrading to a Note 3 and I love how the Note Series of phones are compared to Apple phones/products. I had a ipod touch and hated it and I hate itunes because it seems to have to update daily, I would much rather go back to a flip phone before purchasing anything Apple makes. The Note is not an ego booster for me nor will it make my female member larger, and it definitely doesn't make me "arrive". It is just a great fit for me as a phone.

Michelle Taylor


"Who makes the processor in your iPhone anyway? Oh yeah, SAMSUNG!"

Who makes the OS in your Samsung Galaxy anyway? Oh yeah, Google!

I am not an Apple's fan, nor Samsung's.

Samsung is just a slavish "fast follower" of market leader. Samsung was following Nokia few years back, then Apple. It never innovates anything. What? phablet? Isn't it the offspring of smartphone and tablet?

When the market leader stops innovation, so as Samsung.

Oh yeah, I almost forget "Galaxy Gear"! A truly innovation from Samsung. Have you bought one?

Adam Tang

As far as I'm concerned the note 3 is more productive than the 5s. Larger screen, faster processor, ease of use, functionality. BTW, I'm in the finance industry where apple products are such a pain to use, can't even use flash for technical analysis of economic data where in my note 8.0 I can run flash plug in. I CAN transfer files via sd card too. Plus, as I mentioned, I read financial statements, prospectuses, etc, and a larger screen helps.

The biggest upgrade in 5s is the touch security, which I had since 2011 in HP's DV3 laptop. Talk about originality. Further, the 64 bit platform isn't going to deliver results now. Live today.

Last, the looks. Note 3 faux leather looks professionally better than the iphone 5s. The 5s is better for socializing

It doesn't matter who does what. It's simply a cost related business decision that samsung produces iphone, etc. and not who's better.

And samsung is not a fast follower. The note 3 is totally different from iphone 5s, I don't think this argument helps as well.

And never innovates? What about the samsung s4's active, waterproof, and samsung zoom. And what about note 3.0s stylus?

Sometimes, some people think innovation has to be big. Eh? Open your eyes.

People, so hard to please.

Quick Interpreter

Waterproof is popularized by Sony Xperia Z, it was launched even earlier that the original S4. Once again, Samsung is fast enough to produce something similar. Maybe too fast for an average consumer to notice.

How people define "innovate" differ. Some may think replacing the lens of the smartphone with those from camera, or reviving those O2 PDA pens from last decade are called innovations.

I believe innovations include elements called "new", "unprecedented" and "impressed".

Perhaps Samsung Zoom and Note 3 Stylus are "innovations", I don't know. I'll leave those to the market to decide.

Adam Tang

This article so bias it makes me want to throw up! The author spends more time trying to justify why the weakness of the IPhone are strengths. One point is the camera between phones and the screen clarity. If more megapixals are better then more why have companies especially camera companies want to spend millions on increasing pixels? And a true HD device the Note 3 isn't better but actually worse bc of its screen definition. Umm then someone needs to tell the public to return their tv's and by back the ones they threw away bc there was no real difference in viewability.


I remember when the first iphone came out and iphone users use to try to win the debates by running down the specs of the iphone and what it could do that other phones can't. Now that the specs are not in their favor, they try to win debates off of stock market debates, what they like about the smell of an apple store when they walk in, the way the back of their phone looks that's hidden inside of it's rubber protective case, and how Steve Jobs is their idol. This message was approved by my Macbook pro.

AJ Easton

I have the Note 3 - the thing can do so much with its 3G RAM and big screen (dual apps, etc) that I snicker when I hold the iconPhone. Now I do have huge hands so for me the N3 is actually a reasonable size. But I have heard that once you big it makes it hard to go back to smaller phones (and damn the iconPhone is small). It's a nice medium to have the large phone (for me this is not a toned down tablet since I already have one).

Even disregarding the beauty and practicality of the dense large N3 screen, my main gripe with Apple/IOS is the lack of widgets. I personally use widgets for almost everything including live updates for G-calendar, email, sports scores, stock updates, weather, news, Facebook etc. It beats having to open apps to see the content. I'm sure eventually Apple will realize that as devices get faster, your going to want richer content without having to open apps. Plus widgets are getting more creative these days, including allowing sub screens with their own icon space.

There are other things that would make me never consider an Apple product -- no live backgrounds, no USB 3, limited camera software (where is sphere cam?), no eye control, NFC, etc . . . but mainly the lack of widgets is something that just seems so dated when looking at an iconPhone.


I must admit, the propaganda that spews forth from the mouths of the IPhone fanboys, is hilarious! They can do nothing more than simply regurgitate a small list of inferior specs and statistics handed down by their idol Job! These phones serve two totally different purposes and each has its own benefits for a select group. Yet to say that the Samsung is junk, is asinine! I love my Note and will never own anything other than this line of phones! If you have owned an iPhone as well as a Note, you can clearly see which has the purely technological edge! Apple doesn't care about their consumer market or their wishes and wants, so why would you be so consumed by their products?! I personally use Tmobile as my carrier because of their extensive 4G LTE network in my area and I can tell you this, they have been excellent with me. I ha e friends that use them as well and they too, have had nothing but great experiences with Tmobile! I have been that guy walking into an Apple store and I did not have the same experience of "Apple Utopia" that you seem to have experienced! So, I will continue to purchase as many non-Apple products as possible as long as they continue to be innovative and not follow Apples archaic lead. I wonder if the iPad owners are angry that the new Samsung tablet beat the iPad as tablet of the year?! Lol

Heath Purser

MicroSD aren't "less relevant" when you are running and playing games that are in GB rather than MB. Add the song tracks (a few hundreds/thousands gosh I juz can't choose~), a "few" videos (oh~~ Lucky is so cute!! Must video it down! My K-dramas~~~>. DVDs).

The potability issue is overrated...Unless you are going to stuff it down ur skinny, skin tight jeans, it will fit in your bag (which is the norm for ladies) or in a typical side pocket of bermudas or some loose-fitting pants (guys). The weight is still LIGHT.

The thing abt RAM? Well, it would be fantastic if Samsung bloatwares won't take up like >1GB of it when its just the main screen w/ no running apps. :-/ The battery drains unusually fast for its size with all those pre-installed apps than it shld be.

Erica Chua

My daughter and wife have been bugging me about about getting new phones. I current have a Windows 7 phone (out dated, I know). So, after going from website to website and reading dozens of reviews and all your comments, I've decided to surprise them with new iPhones. I on the other hand will be get the Note3. They are heavy in to socializing so I figure this is a good phone for them, plus my daughter feels that your only cool if you have an iPhone. let me remind you she's 14yrs old. the Note seems to have all the options I need. there's just one thing still keeping me on the fence. maybe one of you can help me with this? I love playing video games in my down time. with the new 64bit processor on the iPhone, will this make for better gaming than than on the Note3? thank you to anyone who can help me with this.


OK I'll address a real issue I had with my IPhone 5. I got a new hard drive for my PC and suddenly my iPhone said my PC was new and i had to delete all my music just so I can use my iPhone. So until apple fix they issue with PC changes. I'm sorry but Apple will be last at my list. Why must I lock down to one computer with an iPhone. What if I want to add a song from my friends PC or mac.??? Fail Apple a big huge fail.

George Hampton

Having had an iphone 4 for the past couple of years, I swore I'd never get another iphone.. I had all intentions of getting a samsung, but after looking at the 5s and samsung models I cracked under the pressure and came home with the 5s. I feel I've betrayed myself to be stuck with an inferior phone for the next two years, but I couldn't say no. So even though this article is obviously biased and the Iphone cant compete in specs, there's no denying the 5s is just a beautiful thing to own.


if you dont like the product or ORRRR ORRRR if you've never used the product, DONT COMMENT. I have owned the galaxy note 3. Best battery on any phone ive ever used. It's not an iphone, the store isnt as open as ios but its not ios and it works for me.

Eduardo Yeti

posted proudly from my galaxy note 3 : 1) Higher PPI , Bigger Screen & infinity-contrast 2) Quadcore 2.3 Ghz Vs Dual Core 1.46 Ghz 3) 3GB ram vs IGB ram on the iPhone 4) S- pen vs blank 5) galaxy gear vs blank


this comparison seemed very biast towards apple..

Justin Lui

owned several androids smartphones and also iPHONE 3g, 3GS, and 5. Hated the fact that the iPhone battery was not replaceable. Also found iTunes and having to convert video formats to be an annoyance.

Ditched the iPhone 5 for a Note III and my smartphone experience/productivity was much better. Flash support for stock trading, dual screen, drag and drop pictures, movies, and music. Note III plays everything with VLC player

No more crappy ITunes that refuses to let me add files.

One thing I miss is the iPhone's headphone jack supports my Bose QC15 audio control. Apple has Samsung beat with headphone controls and audio playback and sound quality.

Richie Ho

Went from an iPhone 4s and decided to give android a try. Saw the note 3 release and purchased it. Love the s pen features, multi widow function and big screen. I don't like that this phone still lags even with a quad core process and is hard to perform single handedly. Had alot of trouble with backing up and file transferring from the Note3 to my computer. A few times I have had to power down and restart due to app failure or freezing. I like the infrared capability for home TV use. Does have some touch screen accuracy issues. Last, this phone CAN GET VIRUSES. My bottom line: Note 3 is more tablet than mobile phone. I'm returning it and go I g back to apple and getting the 5s. But I'm not saying the Note 3 not a good phone, I'm actually gonna take advantage of sprints $50 galaxy tab 3 cuz some of the features I can't get with iphone.

Loren Garcia

Move over iPhone5...there is now a bigger brighter and better phone on the maket! I bought an International factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3...popped my Straight Talk card into it...I get unlimted text, data and 2.5 g of web with no contract for 45 bucks a month......SWEET!!!!!!!!!!


I was an iPhone user because of all the lemmings and cult. I chose a different route and device later based on my choice. After using Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I love it so much ever more than I got my first iPhone 4S. I will never return to iPhone.

What I see in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was sooo right. I find it stupid that Apple would make a claim that people would mistake Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy S series for an iPhone. That is the lamest excuse ever. Samsung logo is on the phone front and back and the phone is so different than the iPhone. Stupid court case that is full of bias where the juries and lawyers are iPhone cults. It is because of the court case Apple is getting into, I decide to move away from Apple.

Now rumor has it that Apple is going to making a new iPhone 6 a phablet? HAH!!!! So WHO is COPYING WHO????? Sorry Apple. I will not join the Apple cult.

Reggy Testy

I am using Note 3 and I am typing this on my Note 3. Let us begin. My Note 3's battery was a bit too short when I first bought the device with Jellybean. I thought the battery could go much longer. So yeah. I was disappointed. However l after recent upgrade to Kitkat, my battery lasts nearly 3 days. Some people are saying they are getting around 4 days. I have no idea what they have done in the upgrade but I can promise you that your phone's battery will last atleast a day and a half.

I really don't understand Apple fans when it comes to Samsung because who makes A7 core?

Ivy Nikita

wow, the Samsung wins hands down, and you guys say it is not a good comparison....come on people!

Stephen Peele

Typing this on the NOTE 3 BABY! Switched from IPHONE 4S to the NOTE 3. I pre ordered it and recieved it Oct 3. (I'm in the states.) So I've had this phone for 6 months. This article was really rooting for the IPHONE 5S however, the NOTE 3 has so many more features and capabilities. NEVER going back to IOS!!!


I buy a Samsung Note 3 as on 21.03.2014 but the mobile not work properly on 19.06.2014. So I feel Apple is better


Apple is a very good device but.i own a Samsung galaxy note3 witch is on a whole different level and will beat a any iPhone any day and the new note4 is coming out in September 3rd they better watch out for that the note3 is better then the iPhone in every department

Charles Banks

I switched from 5s to note 3.

Lol @ the guy saying android is for poor people.

More people use android, and thats also because android is an OS, iphone is a MODEL, not OS.

The note 3 is for rich people unlike the poor peoples iphone. All the thugs have iphones and whatnot,its out of style. The note 3 is an expensive premium phone.

Android takes a bite out of Apple

Matthew Perkins
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