Samsung confirms Galaxy S4 launch date


February 24, 2013

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S IV reveal will be on March 14 in New York City

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S IV reveal will be on March 14 in New York City

Last week, Samsung’s launch event for the Galaxy S IV was all-but confirmed, as multiple news outlets pointed to the same date. Today, you can scratch the all-but out of that equation.

Samsung confirmed to AllThingsD that it will reveal the Galaxy S IV, one of the most-anticipated phones of the year, at a March 14 event in New York City.

The phone?

As for further details ... well, there are none. Previous rumors, however, have pointed to a handset with a 5-inch 1080p display, with an Exynos 5 Octa (8-Core) processor. 2 GB of RAM, ARM's Mali-T658 GPU, and a a 13-megapixel rear camera round out the rumored specs.

One huge aspect of the Galaxy S IV that hasn't leaked is its physical design and build. With HTC taking a bold new direction with the One, it will be interesting to see if Samsung strays far from the design of last year's über-successful Galaxy S III.

PR Chess

As with last week’s leaks, confirming the event to the press is likely a strategic move. With Mobile World Congress 2013 firing up in Barcelona, Sammy knows it can steal the week’s headlines without revealing anything.

The company did, though, unleash its iPad mini rival, the Galaxy Note 8.0, as the convention commenced. Consider this two giant legs up on the competition with the event barely underway.

We don’t yet know when the Galaxy S4 will ship to the public, but the smart money is on a staggered global rollout beginning a few weeks after the March 14 event.

Source: AllThingsD

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My S3 burnt within 3 months of light using, hopefully S4 will last longer...

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