Take that, Motorola: LG teases G Watch R smartwatch with round display


August 24, 2014

LG is set to announce a smartwatch with a fully circular display

LG is set to announce a smartwatch with a fully circular display

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Of the early Android Wear watches, Motorola's round-faced Moto 360 has raised the most eyebrows. Unfortunately, though, we're still waiting for the hyped watch to reach customers. It looks like LG has taken advantage of this wait to make a circular smartwatch of its own.

Today LG posted a teaser video that shows a round-faced smartwatch called the G Watch R. The short glimpse reveals a device that, like the Moto 360, looks a bit less like a smartwatch and more like a piece of jewelry. Unlike the Moto 360, though, the G Watch R's screen appears to be a full circle. Motorola's watch cuts off into a horizontal gap near the bottom of its otherwise round display:

Little else is known about the watch, but, given the G Watch branding, we suspect that it will run Android Wear. LG capped off the video with an "IFA 2014" tag, so we're sure to find out more in a couple of weeks at the electronics trade show in Berlin. Gizmag will be on the ground and we'll be keeping our peepers peeled for an official reveal.

If you want to see the teaser for yourself, you can check out the short clip below.

Source: LG Mobile Global (YouTube) via Engadget

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The outside edge on the LG G Watch R...the edge with the large tick marks and the 15, 30 and 45 markings...that is a bezel and not part of a screen...its a permanent bezel which never changes.

So yes they did manage a circular screen but you can see why...because the components that live at the bottom of the Moto 360 display live around the edges of the LG G Watch R.

Athique Ahmed

@ the author: Please update the image in your article for the LG G Watch R which displays the display area. It is wrong and suggests to the user that the bezel is part of the screen (which is not). The screen size of the LG watch is smaller and for a fair comparison you should update the image.

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