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Rolls-Royce reprises the Ghost name


April 21, 2009

 The original Silver Ghost was one of the most beautiful Rollers ever built. Silver Ghost...

The original Silver Ghost was one of the most beautiful Rollers ever built. Silver Ghost image courtesy Malcom Asquith

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April 21, 2009 The world's car manufacturers were all vying for the spotlight as the critically important Shanghai motor show, gateway to the biggest automotive market the world has ever known, gets underway. One of the surprises of the show was the announcement by BMW-owned Rolls-Royce that it will again use the magical Ghost name on its new 8-speed, 6.6 liter turbocharged V12. The Silver Ghost was the model upon which the company built its global reputation for reliability and performance and has not been used since 1925.

The name was announced by CEO, Tom Purves at a press conference held at the Shanghai motor show. The new car will be called the Rolls-Royce Ghost and production will begin at the company’s Goodwood manufacturing facility on the south coast of England later in 2009.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO, Tom Purves, said, “We are delighted to formally announce the Rolls-Royce Ghost. It is one of the most revered names in the automotive industry, evoking images of adventure and technical innovation. The name reflects this new model’s breadth of abilities. The first cars to bear the Ghost name were known not only for impressive dependability and refinement but also great flair and style. This car will be the first in a new generation of models to carry this evocative name and will give us two pinnacle product lines – Phantom and Ghost. 

The Rolls-Royce Ghost will be built on its own dedicated production line at Goodwood but will share paint, wood and leather workshops with the Phantom series of cars. Rolls-Royce has expanded all areas of its manufacturing facility over the last 18 months to prepare for the introduction of the Ghost model.

The Ghost name was used by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars between 1906 and 1925 although these cars were first introduced as the 40/50hp model. A total of 7,876 of these cars were made during this period, 6173 in Derby, and 1703 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

From Q4, 2009, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will offer five models: Ghost, Phantom, Phantom Extended Wheelbase, Phantom Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé. The Rolls-Royce Phantom range of cars is powered by a naturally aspirated direct injection 6.75 liter V12 engine that produces 453bhp at 5350rpm (338kW/460PS) and 720Nm of torque at 3500rpm.

  • No. of doors/seats: 4/5 

  • Vehicle length: 5399mm 

  • Vehicle width: 1948mm 

  • Vehicle height: 1550mm 

  • Wheelbase: 3295mm 

  • Engine: new 6.6 liter turbocharged V12 

  • Gearbox: 8-speed ZF

  • Power: Upwards of 500bhp (upwards of 373kW/507PS)

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