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Rolls-Royce unveils refined Series 2 Phantom at Geneva Show


March 7, 2012

The new Series ll Rolls-Royce Phantoms at Geneva

The new Series ll Rolls-Royce Phantoms at Geneva

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The first Phantom of the modern era (i.e. owned by BMW) was launched in 2003, so a refresh might be thought overdue. Rolls-Royce does nothing in hurry, however - it would be unseemly - so after suitable thought and deliberation, the Geneva Motor Show finally sees the launch of the Series ll Phantoms. Subtle changes and enhancements have been applied to all four models in the range; the Saloon (sedan), The Extended Wheelbase limo, the two-door Coupe and the two-door Coupe Drophead convertible, though you would have to be pretty eagle-eyed to spot them.

The front fascia treatment is now more consistent across the models, which means new air intakes "under the waterline," new lamp clusters and a new, carefully softened and curved grill for the sedan and the EXB (the Coupe's already had it). The lights are all-new trick LED clusters that allow for beam-shaping when cornering and in reaction to road speed.

The aging satnav system has been overhauled with a new 8.8" screen and eight quick access buttons along the base, plus an exquisitely formed and retractable selection wheel/joystick - all no doubt sourced from the BMW parts bin, but with suitable RR graphics. All-round cameras are now standard with automatic path guides for parking.

There is a new eight-speed auto 'box and a new rear differential to further smooth driving comfort. This has helped to reduce petrol consumption and CO2 emissions from the V12 engine by 10 percent.

That really seems to be it. They like slow and subtle at Rolls-Royce.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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Rolls Royce should not do coupe version, It's marque is in a different class, it also differentiates itself from Bentley. Bentley is making all kinds of sporty versions, it's not reaching Rolls Royce class. Also the Brand name has an effect. Mercedes lost out with the Maybach. Rolls Royce should remain as the public knows it, massive cars, top of the line, and for the other class. I'm just happy seeing it. No need to go the Bentley way, in public vote, Rolls Royce brand came on top above Bentley.

Dawar Saify

The Rolls might be expensive to buy and to maintain but do they have to be so ugly, and in this new era is it really that cool to own something that wasted more resources than your whole families cars combined. I think not. I think the rich should start paving the way for new tech and start buying top of the line electric vehicles so that the prices start dropping for everyone else. I mean lets face it only 5 % of the modern world will ever be rich and probably only a small fraction, not even 1% of those will ever buy one of these.

I don't know how they're still in business.


Dear, um, "Gizmo[id]", Well, as they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". So is the choice to purchase whatever it is one wants (even the 1% of 5%), if, of course, one is able to afford it. Unless the jealous wrest control of the laws of supply and demand away from the market place ands institute rules and regulations based on their ideas of "Fairness" and/or "Social Justice" (i.e.: "We don't think you 'Need' that"). It seems that every time the idea of a "Classless Society" has been tried, society ends up with two classes: The Uber Rich (with their apparatchiks), and the proletariat. Besides, as a friend of mine has said in the past: "Every one's different. That's why they mark towels 'His and Hers' ".

Myron J. Poltroonian

Imagine the girl + boy fun you could have in that back seat !


I agree with Myron. I just had a rather heated discussion with a friend who was asking me why she's poor and I'm not. She said the rich should share their wealth with others and even the classes out. I replied "if that were the case, why would I even bother trying to accumulate wealth if it is just going to be confiscated and given to non-productive people. She and another at the table said that socialism is the answer to society's problems. Oh, Did I mention? She's a sociologist and the other one is a school teacher. At that point I'd had enough so I excused myself, got in the Lexus 600hL and, silently, left the parking lot. This is a car well suited for us 1%'rs who desire to avoid pretense. The Phantom is the car to arrive in... the Lexus is the conveyance of choice for stealthy exits.

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