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Roland's Multi-Dimensional Processing technology makes BOSS stompbox debut


January 31, 2013

Three new BOSS stomps featuring Roland's Multi-Dimensional Processing technology have been launched

Three new BOSS stomps featuring Roland's Multi-Dimensional Processing technology have been launched

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The company that's said to have put the "stomp" in stompbox has detailed three new guitar effects pedals, featuring a new technology called Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) developed by its parent company Roland. The TE-2 Tera Echo is a landmark pedal not only because of the new signal processing technology, but also by virtue of it being the one-hundredth BOSS Compact Series model to be released. The MO-2 Multi Overtone uses a guitar's harmonic characteristics to build unique rich sounds that enhance the normal tone. Roland says that the DA-2 Adaptive Distortion unit makes use of the MDP technology to deliver perfect distortion wherever you play on the neck.

MDP technology essentially examines the audio signals from an instrument and then cuts and slices them up into multiple frequencies and processes each one individually, to instantly deliver all-new sonic textures with, according to Roland, a previously unattainable range of expression. In the case of the BOSS TE-2, this is claimed to result in satisfyingly rich, spacious echo and ambience effects without overwhelming the guitar's direct tone. This effects pedal carries a suggested retail price of US$291.

As its name suggests, the MO-2 Multi Overtone stomp compliments, thickens and enhances a guitar's core sound by building completely new kinds of sounds from the instrument's harmonic overtones. The pedal offers three diverse tone-shaping modes and a detune knob for access to the unit's range of modulation effects, as well as tone and balance controls. The list price for the MO-2 is $259.

Where other distortion pedals might process the entire signal coming in from the electric guitar and apply one effect, the BOSS DA-2 uses the MDP technology to adapt the distortion and create the best tone for every register. The unit is claimed to be very responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics, offers high definition clarity and is very low noise (even at higher gain settings). The DA-2 retails at $210.

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