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The Rockboard Descender tracked off-road skateboard


April 4, 2012

Rockboard is about to release an off-road skateboard called the Descender, that features tank-like tracks instead of wheels

Rockboard is about to release an off-road skateboard called the Descender, that features tank-like tracks instead of wheels

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Pushing wood down grassy gradients can be quite a challenge for standard wheeled boards. There are of course oversized or chunky options available to help smooth over some of the bumps and dips, but hybrid scooter maker Rockboard will shortly be releasing a new all-terrain skateboard called the Descender, that features tank-like treads instead of wheels. While it's clear that you're not going to get the butt-clenching thrill or the hairline-raising speeds offered by adult off-roaders like Scarper's powerboard or the DTV Shredder, with some considered course planning you could still be in for quite a ride.

Detail is a little light at the moment, but we do know that the Descender board has dimensions of 31 x 10 x 5 inches (787.4 x 254 x 127 mm) and is capable of taking riders weighing up to around 200 pounds (90.7 kg). Beneath the deck are four heavy-duty triple-wheel sets (with 36 wheels in total), around each of which runs a rubber tread for good traction – even on grassy slopes. The tracks tilt forward and backward for stable sidewalk-to-street transfer or a unique-looking wheelie.

The new board made an appearance at February's Toy Fair in New York where it was voted "Best in Play" by Parenting Magazine, ahead of a Q2 release for around US$120. Replacement parts for the Descender will follow shortly after its release.

Just in case you're still not clear about what to expect, here's a demonstration video from Rockboard.

Source: Rockboard

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How well does it behave after it has thrown a track?

I think the large wheel modal is safer and more reliable.


It has ONE fundamental weakness - its lack of ability to roll up and over larger objects or depressions are its primary weakness.

It needs a 100mm front wheel in each track......

Mr Stiffy

It reminds me of the first snowboard, the SNURFER by brunswick, way back in the 60's. It was a big deal just to make it down the hill without wiping out lol. It looks like it could be fun!

Dean Williams
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