RoboReel pulls in its power cord at the touch of a button


April 17, 2012

The RoboReel is a motorized extension cord winder, that incorporates several safety and convenience features

The RoboReel is a motorized extension cord winder, that incorporates several safety and convenience features

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The winding up of extension cords is something that most of us probably don’t give a lot of thought to – we loop them on the ground, spool them around our forearm, or perhaps use a spring-activated or hand-cranked winder. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time putting cords away, however, you might want to make the job safer and easier. That’s where Great Stuff’s RoboReel comes in. It’s a portable motorized cord winder, with some interesting features.

The 15-amp RoboReel comes with a user-replaceable 50-foot (15.24-meter) 12-gauge electrical cord and can be set on any flat surface, or hung on a wall or ceiling using optional mounts. It will begin winding that cord in at high speed, with the touch of either of two buttons – one is located on the uptake device itself, and one is on the three-appliance outlet at the end of the cord. To keep the tail of the cord from madly whipping around, however, the winder automatically slows down as it nears the end. The point at which it begins to slow can be programmed in by the user.

Additionally, it won’t wind as long as the cord is in use, and will stop winding if the cord is obstructed – such as, say, by being wrapped around someone’s ankle. It will also automatically shut off the electrical current in less than a second if the cord is severed, and has an integrated thermostat, to help prevent overheating.

The device’s housing is made from high impact plastic that is resistant to oil, gas, chemicals and UV rays. Oh yes, and it can rotate 360 degrees.

All these features come at a price, however – a RoboReel will set you back US$329. A HoseReel should also be available soon.

There’s more information in the video below.

Source: Great Stuff via Gear Patrol

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Personally I think the "Palm and Elbow winder" works really well for all most all extension cords.

Mr Stiffy

The "Palm and Elbow winder" is the worst thing you can do to an extension lead. You'll end up with a twisted mess that will constantly tangle, it's a real quick way to wreck your leads. This is a bit OTT though, but in a factory I could see the advantages. If your going to do it manually though, just loop it, female end first, hanging the cord, pull it into your strong hand, twisting it slowly if need be to keep it in a loop, not an 8, and never wrap an plug it in into it's self. When you plug it next time just un-wind, the male end was last to loop so first to un-loop. And you just saved your leads and a hole lot of heart ache.

Craig Smale

Looks like he is going to saw through the cable! LOL

Paul Anthony

$330? You have to be some kind of a LAZY SOB to spend that much money for a device that only reels up a power cord!


@Craig Smale - I disagree - as I take good care of my cords, I carefully wind them up and I carefully lay them out and I never have the problems with them that you have.

Mr Stiffy

I found an easier solution for this problem. I got the idea from spring loaded telephone handset wire.

I laid my hands on a 2.5 sq. mm 3 core flat cable (used mainly with submersible pumps, at lest here in India) and rigged up a hand crank winder mechanism for it. The cables never get twisted nor entangled. My cost was under US$ 5/-.


Seem nice but $300 is just ridiculousness. RoboReel also has a water hose version, which can be seen in the last part of the video; which sells for $849.00 and that one is also electrically powered. Is Micky Mouse doing the market research and pricing strategy for this company???

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