RoboCup 2 – return of the golf ball


June 17, 2010

The latest version of the RoboCup

The latest version of the RoboCup

Last year, we told you about a little something cleverly named the RoboCup. Designed for golfers practicing their putting, it sits inside the hole on the green, and gently shoots balls up to 14 feet back to the golfer. It runs on four AA batteries, which should be good for around 15,000 ball-returns – that’s a lot of saved walking over and bending over. Fine Tune Golf has now announced the launch of “the new generation of RoboCup”... RoboCup 2, perhaps?

The portable device has a new shape that releases sand down its sides, which reportedly results in cleaner, quicker returns. It also now comes bundled with the Caddy Cord, a “missed putt return guide” that sits behind the hole, guiding errant balls in so they can be shot back.

The original RoboCup won Best New Product at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show. The new version is available via the Fine Tune Golf website, for US$59.95.

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