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The Ripple combines a bowl and plate, and adds a handle


April 29, 2013

The Ripple means holding a bowl of soup and a plate of sandwiches is now a whole lot easier

The Ripple means holding a bowl of soup and a plate of sandwiches is now a whole lot easier

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The way many of us consume food has changed dramatically in recent years, with family meals around a table less common than they once were. The Ripple is a response to this evolution in eating trends, combining a bowl and a plate, and adding a handle for good measure.

When you're sat at a table enjoying a formal dinner, your bowl and plate work fine as separate items. Move away from the table to watch TV on the sofa, grab your chip and dip or soup and bread selections from a picnic hamper, or stand around chatting with friends at a barbecue, and that combination can prove difficult to hold and use at the same time. This is where the Ripple comes into its own.

Co-created by Kevin Scharfe and Karl Schwartz, the product comes in two parts – a bowl with a handle, and a plate. Both are made from high-quality, microwave- and dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic, and can be used independently of each other or slotted together to form a useful whole. In this combined form, one hand is freed up for eating, meaning you don't need a solid surface to rest your food on.

The Ripple has launched on Kickstarter, with an early bird pledge of US$20 securing a plate/bowl combo in the color of your choice. The team has set a target of $20,000, which will pay for the machine tooling required to bring this product to market. The campaign runs until May 24.

Sources: The Ripple, Kickstarter

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But when you finish your broth you sandwich ends up on the floor.


re; The Skud

Doesn't everybody keep their beer in their shirt pocket?


I just pre-ordered/pledged for four, now all I need to do is find some Sporks and sharpen the edges on them & add pen clips, then I'll be set for dinnerware, no more eating out of the can for ME! BTW - I think this thing is both so obvious & brilliant, I'm astonished it's not been done by many people, long ago. Think of the damage you can do at a pot-luck dinner with one of these. You'l be banned!

Dave B13

I'm going to glue rare earth magnets on the top of the handle and the bottom of my sippy cup.

Dave B13

Slowburn you heretic!- Only if you 'slurp' the last bit of soup before you finish the sammo. The drink (soup, tea, coffee, pina colada, martini) should always be last ... to wash down the crusty bread bits!

The Skud

Good luck guys, great idea that I hope will take off and I can purchase here in Scotland.

Ritchard Mckie

Great idea. I would order some of these, I was going to say 20$ seemed like alot for a plate/bowl combo made out of plastic, but after watching the video i think its not to bad, i can imagine the price coming down after production is scaled up.

Good on them and i hope they make some success from it. Before it gets copied to high heaven. I hope they got a patent.


Great idea but basic concept is missing a large corresponding market. There should be a multiple choice of glassware type, along with the attachable bowl. A great inconvenience at stand up parties is to wander around with both plate and cocktail. Adoption of the basic premis of this concept would greatly expand the market potential.

Gary Tucker

Arahant, the price per plate comes down a little with higher pledge amounts, that's what got me to 4 and I may try to change to 6, for having 6, but it's only a little cheaper per plate than 4, also shipping is included so that's probably why the single plate is so much more. Also depending on which US State you live in, no sales tax. I went looking for Sporks, seems most or all on Amazon already have knife edge; single titannium, sets of 4 plastic with fork and spoon oposite ends. Another vender uses the 4 fork tines on the spoon (what I had in mind) and the knife edge on the opposite end. Magnets I'll be using for hacking sippy cup on top of handle were purchased from supermagnetman.

Dave B13
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