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Makers of Blackberry to challenge iPad with its own Blackpad tablet


August 1, 2010

Word is a tablet computer from RIM is on the horizon

Word is a tablet computer from RIM is on the horizon

With Apple selling three million iPads in just 80 days it’s no surprise that some companies are after a slice of the tablet pie. According to a report on Bloomberg, Research in Motion Ltd., (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry, is planning to introduce its own tablet computer this November. The report cites two unnamed sources who say that the device, to be known as the Blackpad, will have roughly the same dimensions as the iPad and will include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will allow users to connect to the Internet through their BlackBerry.

Although RIM won’t comment on the rumor, the company reportedly acquired the rights to the www.blackpad.com domain this month. The device will supposedly be priced similarly to the iPad, with the sources saying RIM will be looking to maximize profits from each device instead of attempting to maximize sales by significantly undercutting the iPad’s price.

With the number of apps available in the App Store (over 225,000 apps as of last month) being one of the major selling points of the iPad, RIM will face a challenge convincing people to opt for a similarly priced device that has access to around only 7,000. One thing the Blackpad will apparently have that the iPad doesn’t is front- and rear-facing cameras to enable video conferencing.

But the Blackberry’s strength has always been its e-mail capabilities and it is this that RIM will be looking to leverage with the new device. The tablet will reportedly be closely integrated with the smartphone’s e-mail system and will have similar security for messaging.

The success of the iPad means a number of tablet devices from a variety of companies will start appearing in the coming months. That competition can only be good news for consumers and for the advancement of the tablet devices themselves.

Source: Bloomberg.

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that is a exciting news! blackpad vs ipad!similar size,similar price, a war between apple and RIM is ahout to break out.i like watching movies,so i purchased a ipad,i regarded is as a portable movie theatre. but ipad just can plaied directly a few video files as the video formats, so,i have to downloader from the internet a aneesoft ipad video converter used to convert other formats to ipad and aneesoft dvd to ipad converter used to rip dvd to ipad. Although it is not very trouble even very nice,but i still hope blackpad can improve this function,and can install a plaied can play any videos. than, this table will more perfect for users who love movies. i am looking forward to !


BlackPad, PalmPad, iPad, the choices of hardware will be good news for us consumers. In so far as the new devices work to eliminate restrictive media arrangements (*coughApple). The competition amongst multiple devices that provide equal service would drive prices down.


WTF???!?!?! ... everyone is FOLLOWING apple... started with the iPod, then iPhone, then iPad... what\'s next... iHaveNoLife!!!... if u ask me, all this UNNECESSARY complication of different accessories that all do almost the same thing minus one here, plus one there... no use. Just more ways to make money. its like saying, lemme buy a mercedes because they have such and such luxury, but lemme also get a bentley becuz the merc is missing such and such luxury... and the main conusmers and public who buy this redundant crap... its all the same thing. yes there are advances, but when it comes to crap --> crap advanced --> supercrap... might as well make a supersized cellphone and call it the iPhad...

Osamah Anjum

RIM needs to move quickly. They are in big trouble now that touch screen phones are dominating and their market share is declining. I don\'t know if the tablet is the answer but I reckon RIM must be pretty worried right now. If they can get out a device that business people will find more useful than the ipad, they\'re in with a chance.


hmmm... that\'s great tech there, but a little stale now... I wonder what else they could couple this up with to get the best out for people??

datche p

Hope it\'s better than a Blacberry. My wife has one for work and everyone there calls them the Prune: because it\'s small, black and gives everyone the... you know!

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