Ricoh announces more lenses for the GXR digital camera


March 9, 2010

The Ricoh GXR platform shown with previously released A12 50mm and S10 lens modules

The Ricoh GXR platform shown with previously released A12 50mm and S10 lens modules

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Ricoh has announced two new lens units for its unique modular GXR digital camera platform. The P10 28-300mm wide zoom and A12 28mm fast prime lens units each include the sensor and image processor built into the module. These modules slide onto the GXR body, allowing the photographer to change both the lens and sensor to accommodate different photographic situations.

As we have covered before, the Ricoh GXR platform consists of the GXR body and interchangeable lens modules. The platform is unique in that the body does not contain the image sensor or processor. Instead, these are built into the lens modules so that when you change lenses you are changing the sensor and processor as well.

The new zoom module, tentatively named the P10 28-300 mm F3.5-5.6 VC, is an image-stabilized zoom lens with 10.7x magnification (28-300mm equivalent) coupled with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor. If Ricoh uses the same hardware as in its S10 zoom module, look for the sensor to be a 1/1.7-inch 10MP unit. Ricoh says the P10 will feature continuous shooting up to 120fps, RAW image recording, and multi-target AF.

The 28mm fast prime lens module is tentatively named the A12 28 mm F2.5 GR. This module sports a 12MP APS-C size CMOS sensor and a faster processor (the GR Engine III). Ricoh claims the larger sensor will provide higher definition images with smoother tones. The unit also includes a manual focus ring.

The company says the specifications, pricing, and availability are still subject to change, but Ricoh expects to begin offering the P10 in mid-2010 and the A12 in Q4 2010.

For more details visit Ricoh's GXR product page.

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It\'s sad really...this is such a good idea, but the extreme price of these lenses makes this a prohibitive prospect. Especially now that Sigma has introduced a whole line of inexpensive lenses for digital SLRs and then there\'s that new Casio 4/3rds camera with swappable lenses. This idea is already behind the times and old news.

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