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Ricoh announces release of Leica-M compatible GXR lens mount


August 9, 2011

Ricoh has announced a September release for its new M-mount lens unit for the GXR modular ...

Ricoh has announced a September release for its new M-mount lens unit for the GXR modular camera system

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Ricoh has now detailed its new Leica M-mount unit for the modular GXR photographic system and announced a release date. In addition to the wide range of Leica lenses, users of the 12 megapixel GXR MOUNT A12 module will also be able to access other mount configurations via a conversion adapter. There's a silent electronic shutter feature for those quiet occasions, some new creative scene modes and a number of useful lens correction settings.

Ricoh has confirmed that its new die cast magnesium A12 M-mount unit for the GXR camera system will feature a 12.3 (effective) megapixel, APS-C size CMOS sensor and benefit from an included checking device that will verify the physical compatibility of other adapter-attached lenses. The module also includes image-wide section magnification while shooting and a focus assist to help achieve manual focus accuracy. A newly developed focal plane shutter (1/4000 to 180 second) is joined by an electronic shutter (1/8000 to 1 second) which caters for image capture without worrying about shutter noise or vibration. Sensitivity runs up to ISO3200.

Ricoh announces release of Leica-M compatible GXR lens mount

Ricoh has built in a series of new lens correction features, such as color shading, peripheral illumination and distortion correction. A manual exposure mode offers either B (bulb) or T (time) options - with B, the exposure will continue for as long as the shutter release is pressed and both B and T settings run for a maximum of 180 seconds per exposure. Five new scene modes have been added to the system, there's a useful horizon level indicator and the module is capable of shooting 720p high definition video.

Information on the lens used can be included in an image's EXIF information if desired, images are offered in a choice of aspects and the unit is said to have a 330 shot battery life.

The GXR MOUNT A12 module will be made available on September 9 in black only for a suggested retail price of US$649.

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