ReWalk exoskeleton users take part in charity walk


November 19, 2013

"ReWalker" Gene Laureano crosses the finish line at the Generosity NYC 5K

"ReWalker" Gene Laureano crosses the finish line at the Generosity NYC 5K

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Released two years ago, the ReWalk powered exoskeleton allows wheelchair users to walk upright again – albeit with the additional help of a pair of crutches. This past Sunday (Nov. 17), a group of ReWalk users from around the world got together in New York City, where they used their exoskeletons to take part in a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) charity walk.

The members of "Team ReWalk" came from the US, Europe and the Middle East, and included wounded armed forces veterans along with civilian users. Seven of them used their ReWalks to complete the Generosity NYC 5K in NYC's Riverside Park. Funds raised in the event went to support the non-profit Bronx Veterans Medical Research Foundation.

Made by ARGO Medical Technologies, the ReWalk detects shifts in the user's center of gravity, to determine when they wish to take a step. It then uses electric motors located adjacent to their knees and hips, to guide their legs through the necessary movements. Power is supplied by a battery worn in a backpack.

The Generosity NYC 5K reportedly marks the first time that an international group of users have been brought together for such an event.

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