Revolve updates the camping chair with 360-degree swivel and iPod dock


April 10, 2012

The Revolve chair adds a little movement and convenience to your campsite or tailgate

The Revolve chair adds a little movement and convenience to your campsite or tailgate

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The Revolve camping chair is a folding camping chair with a twist - a literal twist. Unlike the average camping chair, which is planted in one position, the Revolve gives you 360 degrees of motion like a desk chair. The camping chair just got a little more comfortable and convenient.

As much as we appreciate a cool tweak or update, some innovations really need no improving upon. The folding camping chair is one such innovation. These chairs are lightweight, take up minimal space, are comfortable to sit in and even offer some accessories. If you don't mind shopping around, you can find them for under US$10.

But Revolve has managed to make the average camping chair a little less average. With a simple swivel system that allows the seat to move independently of the legs, Revolve lets you spin around like you were sitting in your office.

Now do you really need to spin around in your camping chair? Not really, but after a long day out in the sun, sometimes it's nice to enjoy a little extra comfort and convenience. So instead of craning your body and neck to see what that rustle in the brush was, you can simply spin around. Similarly, if the cooler or picnic basket happens to be behind you, spin around and get what you need without leaving your seat.

Revolve's hardware adds motion to the camping chair but doesn't get in the way of its sleek, portable nature. The Revolve still folds down into a carry bag, so it's still almost as convenient to haul to campgrounds, sporting events and other areas as any other folding camp chair.

The Revolve also has one other trick. It's available with an integrated MP3 dock with dual speakers and mini-amp. Prices currently start at $90 for the chair with integrated speakers and $80 for the non-speaker model.

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Sure like to see it folding and folded.

Page Schorer

Great Concept. It seems overly complex and since the idea of a swiveling chair cannot be patented, I forsee the competition develping something lighter and cheaper.

Vern Schulze

If you follow the link at the bottom of the article, there are pictures of it folding / folded on Revolve's website.


If you're "camping" with your iPad...then you're doing it wrong.

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