RetroSound's Model Two gives classic cars a modern stereo


February 13, 2013

The RetroSound Model Two installed in a Chevy Impala

The RetroSound Model Two installed in a Chevy Impala

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Cruising around in a classic car is awesome. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping a classic alive, and you get to enjoy the fact that you are not driving in the same generic cars as everyone else. The problem is that you are forced to give up some of today's luxuries ... especially when it comes to the stereo. RetroSound's Model Two head unit is designed to keep the classic look, without sacrificing the modern touches.

The Model Two comes with connections for iPod or iPhone and has two USB and auxiliary inputs positioned in the rear, so you can connect your MP3 players and other devices without having modern-looking wires sticking out of old school-looking radio.

The Model Two also has Bluetooth for making calls and streaming audio, if you prefer to forgo connecting devices through wires altogether.

The AM/FM radio has 30 preset slots and there's a (somewhat modern) 32,000 color LCD that let's you match your car's interior. The LCD also comes with user presets, so you can switch between colors.

Models like the Chevy Impala, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Torino and Chevy Corvette can get mounting kits to work with the radio.

RetroSound has the Model Two available now for US$399. It comes in chrome, ivory, or black.

The following video from RetroSound shows the Model Two in action.

Source: RetroSound via Gizmodo

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Really - an iPhone connection a luxury? Coulda fooled me.


So, they build a retro looking, modern head unit...but fail to choose a VFD that will display their name in one go? "etrosound" - nice attention to detail.

Alex Haws
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