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ReSound LiNX hearing aid streams directly from iPhone


February 24, 2014

The ReSound LiNX iPhone-connected hearing aid

The ReSound LiNX iPhone-connected hearing aid

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The ReSound LiNX hearing aid from GN ReSound connects with a user's iPhone to allow music and phone calls to be heard directly through the device, thus allowing more comfortable smartphone use for the hearing impaired.

The LiNX connects to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using a 2.4 GHz wireless link so in effect, the tiny hearing aids double as wireless stereo headphones.

A companion application allows the user to control and personalize various functions such as setting preferred sound levels. Geotagging capability also allows the volume to be automatically adjusted based on different locations. So if, for example, one frequents a place that is very loud, it would automatically raise the volume upon arrival.

Another interesting feature promised by the ReSound LiNX is the ability to find the device should it go missing, using the help of the connected iPhone.

The hearing aid itself uses ReSound's Surround Sound integrated sound processing and according to the company, is powerful enough to aid in 90 percent of hearing loss cases.

GN ReSound is taking signups for people interested in owning the hearing aid, which you will find at the source link below. As of this writing, no final release date or pricing information was given on the device. In the meantime, however, you might also want to check out the free BioAid app, that uses your iPhone as the hearing aid.

The promo video for the ReSound LiNX can be seen below.

Product page: ReSound

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People are probably going to be very disappointed with this. We will have to see what the frequency range of these new hearing aids is. I have Rexton hearing aids with their Mini Blu unit which sends bluetooth signals to my hearing aids but the music sounds awful. I think the problem is that this type of hearing aid is not designed for bass frequencies since that is not where hearing losses tend to be. When you listen to live music the low frequencies just get into your ears by going around the hearing aids and in fact I can listen to music with over the ear headphones over my hearing aids and that sounds very good. I will try these as soon as they come out with an Android version but am not hopeful.

Jeff Goldstein

@Jeff Goldstein: Perfectly reasonable to be skeptic.

I know a bit about GN Resound and they really know their stuff, after all they have been making hearing aids since just after WWII so they need to.


I am test driving these as of today. The sound is tremendous - and I have a hearing problem that runs from a 50% to an 80% loss depending on where you are in the range. I've always used Oticon before, but in her office, these sounded so much better. So far so good, but as SI said, it's only today. All music has worked out better than my old aids. I LOVE the connection to the iphone.

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