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Taking remote-sex to the next level (NSFW)


April 21, 2011

Remote Pleasure is planning his and hers sex toys that will enable remote sex between partners over the Internet

Remote Pleasure is planning his and hers sex toys that will enable remote sex between partners over the Internet

Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it can also make for a pretty unfulfilling sex life. While technology has allowed lovers to bridge the tyranny of distance in terms of sight and sound, getting touchy feely is a different matter. Men and women have been looked after separately with devices like RealTouch and the OhMiBod, but we haven't really seen technology designed to allow couples to engage in remote sex. Hong Kong-based Remote Pleasure is looking to change that with a set of sex toys that can be controlled by your partner over the internet.

VIVI package for women

Remote Pleasure already sells a VIVI package for women that includes an Egg Vibrator and a remote control that can deliver commands over the internet. The vibrator receives instructions from a wireless USB device plugged into a Windows PC that in turn receives instructions over the Internet from a special someone who hopefully knows what you like via software running on both the sender's and receiver's PCs.

The remote control can also be used locally if your lover is more adept at handling a TV remote than the female form. And if you're lacking a special someone, you can let the vibrator get its inspiration through your choice of music or choose from a list of anonymous users logged onto the system who will be only too happy to provide the necessary input.

iMen package

While there's no doubt most men will happily fondle any remote control for hours, Remote Pleasure's upcoming iMen package for men looks like it will sweeten the deal somewhat.

The male-oriented package replaces the Egg Vibrator with a Cup that, judging by the tasteful line drawings on the company website, looks identical to the RealTouch device. It also does away with the remote control entirely as the Cup acts as the remote control for your partner's Egg Vibrator. It will send signals based on speed and movement types to your partner's vibrator to provide a more realistic and, depending on your technique, more mutually beneficial experience.

While such technology obviously can't compare to getting up close and personal with your partner in person, it might make those lonely nights away from your lover a bit more fun.

Remote Pleasure's women's VIVI package is available for US$79.95, while the iMen package will be priced at $100 when it is released.

Source: Future of Sex

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Gone & worn out your thesaurus of euphemisms now, haven\'t you? ;-)

Stuart Saunders

I thought of this the first time I saw a pager that vibrated...


my girl friend who lives 300 miles away prefers direct contact, she really likes verbal contact, she gets really wordy when I speak to certain body parts closely ;)

Bill Bennett

It\'s the greatest advance in tele-dildonics since Sean Hannity!

Kito Sonnet
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