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ReelSonar fish finder incorporates your smartphone


January 28, 2013

The ReelSonar bobber and app

The ReelSonar bobber and app

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A lot of people might joke that if you want to relax and get away from the rat race when going fishing, the last thing you should be bringing along is your smartphone. If the developers of the ReelSonar fish finder receive enough funding, however, phones might become an integral part of angling.

ReelSonar is actually two things – an electronic device and a free iOS/Android app.

The device is a floating bobber, that’s attached to the fishing line above the lure. Once cast out into the water, it proceeds to send ultrasound pulses up to 150 feet (50 meters) into the inky depths. Should those pulses be reflected back up by a moving object – such as a fish, one would hope – the device sends a Bluetooth notification to the user’s phone.

It can also measure and report on water temperature and salinity, plus it can create topographical maps of the local lake/sea bottom. When a fish approaches or strikes the lure, it can let the user know via an alarm function on the app.

The app not only processes and displays data sent by the bobber, but it additionally  allo...

That app not only processes and displays data sent by the bobber, but it additionally allows users to access weather forecasts, and get bait/lure recommendations based on their current stats and location. A US$2.99 Pro version additionally allows users to GPS-tag locations where they’ve had success, and will estimate the weight and length of fish detected underwater.

ReelSonar’s developers are currently raising production funds for their product, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$79 will get you a bobber, when and if they’re available – the estimated retail price is $99.99. Hopefully the project will be more successful than that of the similar Deeper smartphone-enabled fish finder, which failed to reach its funding goal.

More details on ReelSonar are available in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo via Technabob

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