Reebok ATV 19+ shoes are ready for anything – including snickers


February 1, 2013

Reebok’s new ATV 19+ runners feature 19 huge grippy lugs on the sole of each shoe

Reebok’s new ATV 19+ runners feature 19 huge grippy lugs on the sole of each shoe

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It’s no coincidence that Reebok’s goofy-looking new running shoe, the ATV 19+, shares its acronym with that of All-Terrain Vehicles. Like the wheeled and motorized ATVs, the shoes feature a wide stable stance, big lugs, and independent suspension (within each of those lugs).

Each shoe's sole has a total of 19 lugs, which are tipped with grippy carbon rubber. The idea is that the big, widely-separated lugs will be able to get down through loose dirt, sand, snow or whatnot, to the firmer ground beneath. Additionally, all of the outer lugs are beveled at a 28-degree angle, to act as stability-enhancing outriggers.

The shoes’ less eye-popping uppers feature a ballistic mesh base layer, and synthetic leather heel and toe caps. There’s no word on how much a pair weighs, which would certainly be interesting to know.

The Reebok ATV 19+ is available now in three color combinations, for US$139.98. They can be seen getting all tough and nasty in the video below.

Source: Reebok via Fast Company

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Concentrates road shock on 19 small areas. Stupid. Ugly. And stupid.

Guy Macher

Ténis todo-terreno :)

Luís Pedro Correia

awesome, now I can finally have a shoe that I can run threw a bunch of mud puddles with!

Derek Howe

Meh. Buy some Five Fingers or Skeletoes.

Racqia Dvorak

Well done to reebok for making another pair of 'running' shoes that reduce your contact with the ground. Learn to run properly and you don't need stability enhancement.

Mike Karthäuser

The concept is a good one, maybe not for shoes, though.

Nantha Nithiahnanthan

looks like a squid tentacle

Artisteroi Rlsh Gadgeteer

I would wear them because they look really cool, but looking cool really doesn't justify paying more than $100 for shoes.


What a load of nonsense! It looks like a glorified football boot to me. I imagine they could hold quite a few pounds of sticky clay. Quite a job to clean afterwards, as well.

David Clarke

Where is the ankle support? About a year ago I got into the strange habit of running on the beach. Our beach is mainly rocks with no sand. Up and down odd shaped rocks, weaving around large boulders. Very exciting for hand eye and good for building ligament strength in the legs and knee. Had to reluctantly give it up because of the lingering thought of rolling an ankle after a few close calls.

If this product had existed then with high rigid ankle support I would have purchased it in an instant.


@Racqia Dvorak

a) Skele-toes have nothing to do with 5 Fingers - the Filas are just shoes that separate 3 toes, the Vibrams are thinner and more flexible allowing more flexibility and necessitating a greater range of motion. The leg/foot has to do more (in a good way). The basically flat sole also leaves one a more natural non-rear-elevated position.

b) Neither of those really has anything to do with the above, which seems to be a cross country running design (unless you mean the 5Fingers Trek).

C. Walker Walker
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