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Redrock MicroRemote focus system offers big budget features at indie-film prices


May 1, 2010

The Redrock MicroRemote accepts an Apple iPhone to display detailed focus information

The Redrock MicroRemote accepts an Apple iPhone to display detailed focus information

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Redrock Microsystems, a manufacturer of cinema-quality camera accessories for digital filmmakers, has unveiled its new MicroRemote focus control system for use on DV and HD DSLR cameras. The wireless system includes an iPhone-compatible remote control unit, base station, motorized focus ring, and a sonar rangefinder.

The system allows a filmmaker to control the focus and other camera parameters remotely, such as when the camera is mounted in a hard to reach location, or when shooting with a focus puller (a camera operator responsible solely for focusing the camera during a shot).

The MicroRemote includes an onboard dock for an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Once connected, the iPod or iPhone displays detailed focus and aperture information, and allows you to create custom configurations depending on which lens you are using.

The MicroRemote base station includes a built-in radio for wireless operation

The MicroRemote works by communicating with the base station either wirelessly or using a cable. The base station is connected to a follow focus (a motorized focus ring) mounted on the camera, as well as the MicroTape sonar rangefinder. Simply twist the knob on the remote to control the camera’s focus ring. With an iPod or iPhone installed and running Redrock’s app, the MicroRemote will display the focus position of the lens. You can then input the aperture and focal length, and the unit will show a visual representation of the depth of field range of your lens. The MicroRemote can also read input from the MicroTape and tell you where the lens should be focused, or you can activate auto focus mode to have the unit do the focusing for you.

The Redrock MicroTape is a sonar rangefinder that integrates with the MicroRemote focus sy...

Redrock says the MicroRemote system can control multiple focus rings or other motors for applications such as controlling zoom and iris as well as focus. The system can also be used to control multiple camera rigs for 3D applications.

The company makes other accessories for DV cameras and HD DSLR cameras, such as Zeiss and ARRI lens adapters, mounting rigs, and focus pullers. Its products are designed to bring big-budget cinema-quality capabilities to independent filmmakers shooting with DV camcorders or video-capable HD DSLR cameras.

According to Redrock, the MicroRemote system will be out later this year. Final pricing has not been set, but expect a base system to run about US$1000.

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