Recon reveals next gen sporting goggles technology


January 13, 2011

Recon Instruments has announced plans for its next generation of in-goggle display technology

Recon Instruments has announced plans for its next generation of in-goggle display technology

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If you thought that the Transcend Ski Goggles featuring head-mounted display technology were special, then you're going to love what Recon Instruments currently has under development. The company sees its next generation iteration being capable of wirelessly connecting with smartphones and video cameras, of displaying detailed trail maps, and of being able to locate and track friends and family on the slopes.

Using similar micro-LCD direct-to-eye communications technology as that found in the Transcend goggles, Recon will be able to show the wearer detailed trail maps provided by development partners like Mountain Dynamics, to help with navigation through unfamiliar resorts and slopes. The built-in navigational system will also allow users to locate and display friends and family, and it's intended that the new technology will be available as a snap-in module that will fit into the frames of Recon-Ready goggles manufactured by the likes of Uvex, Alpina and Briko.

Bluetooth capabilities will see the goggles wirelessly connecting with a user's smartphone, for hands-free call notification and caller ID or display of text messages and so on. Recon says that such functionality should also allow it to hook up to wireless video cameras to turn the micro-LCD display into an in-goggle viewfinder.

The Recon-Ready system is yet another outing for the Android operating system, which allows Recon, and third party developers, to create downloadable apps for the system to personalize the viewing experience.

The snap-fit module will be available for US$299 (not including goggle frames) and users will use a wireless remote to interact with the real-time, widescreen LCD display projection. Recon told us that the technology will be available in time for the next skiing season.

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Better they should come up with goggles that don\'t fog up ...

and prescription goggles for surfing that don\'t cost an arm and a leg ... and don\'t fog up!

Gary Joyce

These things are so awesome I\'d wear them all the time! Eventually size and weight will no longer be a factor with these things (since technology inherently becomes smaller and lighter), and they\'ll look like a HUD of a jet fighter... at least I HOPE it comes to that. It looks sweet for cars so I assume it\'d be just as awesome to have them in goggles. Or on the complete opposite end of the spectrum; they\'ll be so distracting that people will compare this to texting while driving haha.


Now, if they had added a rail to mount additional components, like a video camera or flashlight, which would be sold by the company or third party developers, this could be a real Bond-tool.

Imagine being able to film your trip to the mountains with the family without having to hold your camera...

Racqia Dvorak
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