Realtime video goggles put R/C plane pilots in the cockpit


May 15, 2008

The Pilot View FPV 2400

The Pilot View FPV 2400

May 16, 2008 Radio-controlled planes are all about vicariously experiencing the freedom of flight - and with this little device, you move one step closer to feeling like it's you up there soaring between the trees. Pilot View's FPV 2400 is a US$550 add-on that sends video back from the plane in real-time to a set of video goggles so you can fly your plane (or drive your R/C car, or watch your buddy's hang gliding experience) from a first-person view.

The Pilot View FPV 2400 isn't the first time a video camera's been mounted on an R/C plane, but it's an all-in one kit comprising the mini camera, video goggles, 2.4 GHz transmitters, receivers, power supplies and USB chargers - everything you need to put yourself in the cockpit of your R/C plane as you fly it. Apparently it takes a bit of getting used to, so this is probably not something you trial with your best or most expensive plane.

Of course its use isn't limited to aeroplanes - the FPV system would also be a great way to experience an R/C car or dune buggy race. Or you could put it on top of a pole and find out what's under the house or over the fence. Or mount it on the dog's collar for an authentic Fidocam experience. The Pilot View FPV is available through Hobby Lobby.

Via Gizmodo.

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This is already not available from Hobby Lobby for some reason.

Richard Thuillier

But how do you connect the radio controls so the dog goes where you want him to.


Unfortunately this device seems to have run foul of the law:The FCC has issued an official Citation to Hobby Lobby International for marketing what the agency terms as non-compliant radio frequency devices. According to the Commission, these devices called Pilot View FPV 2400 video transmitter exceeded the maximum radiated power limit for a Part 15 device.

Anthony N Wood

as ever always build and fly a model first. The empennage may well be adversely affected by disturbed airflow/strange vortices from the 6 wingtips and not just the tail. also you cannot \"just add two extra wings\", the original wings will need a complete redesign for the skin stresses will exceed the original design especially at the root areas and internal rib structure will need to be addressed as these wings are not designed for sideways loading let alone top biased loads. the exttra weight of all this stuff will make it fly like a brick just for one or two stunts?? why ruin a perfectly good if not excellent aircraft? it might well get the pilot noticed but sadly for all the wrong reasons.

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